Monday, December 10, 2012

Meet the Owner: Raiderzman33

 This marks Raiderzman33's first year in Hunter. He has over 5400 games of HBD experience with 2 World Series Titles & a career .526 win %

Name: Frankie  - Married

Age: 37

Job: Finance Manager for Toyota Financial

Location: Oklahoma

Favorite HBD:  Being accepted as a beta tester and winning my first title with the Louisville Sluggers in Ruth.

COMMISH EDIT: I don't even know where to start with this one. It's unclear of #1 & #2 happened in the same season but if they did that would mean Raiderzman33, is the WS winner in HBD history. If #1 & #2 didn't happen in the same year, he's still the only HBD Beta Tester that I'm aware of in Hunter. I can only imagine what type of Wild West the original season of Ruth was before anyone knew what they were doing

Favorite Teams: Oakland Raiders, Houston Astros and Oklahoma City Thunder

COMMISH EDIT: Oakland had to be a dark horse to be his favorite football team given his location and other two selections

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Studdabubbas Sign Lary

Nov. 22, 2012—The Pittsburgh Press
19 seasons ago, the Pittsburgh Studdabubbas drafted SP Quentin Lary with the 28th pick of the amateur draft. He looked like quite a steal for the young franchise. Two years later, ownership traded him for some players nobody can remember in an attempt to boost their ML squad to a championship. That didn't happen. But since then, Lary has gone on to pitch 16 seasons in the Big Leagues, mostly in San Francisco, with a record of 233-81 and a career WHIP of 1.15. Not to mention a couple of Cy Young Awards, 9 All-Star invites, and two World Series rings.

This was one of the biggest blunders in Pittsburgh baseball history (and that's no small feat) and they never seem to hear the end of it. Ownership has publicly admitted in the past that they root against Lary and wish him the very worst (as if he asked for a trade). This makes what happened in free agency in season 25 all the more interesting.

Quentin Lary
Age: 37B/T: L/L
Born: Franklin, OH
Position(s): P (SuB)
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

The Studdabubbas have resigned 37-year-old Quentin Lary for $6M. Your initial thought was probably that the Studdabubbas have softened in their hatred of Lary but, reports say, that is not true. Sure, they gave him a lot of money, but Studdabubba brass doesn't want him to succeed. They just want him to go away. Think about it. If you wanted to really stick it to a pitcher, what franchise would you choose for him? Yes, the Pittsburgh Studdabubbas.

Ask two time world champion Piper Torres how his time in Pittsburgh went. After a mediocre 6-7 season 23 in Pittsburgh, he imploded in season 24. After 3 lousy games he blew out his elbow and missed the rest of the season. And he isn't the only one. Here are some other All-Star pitchers who fell to the Studdabubbas curse with major arm injuries in the last 5 seasons: Lefty Riske, Cole Rossy, Artie Bordick, and Vin Franco.

The Studdabubbas have recently been averaging over one season-ending pitching injury each year. Will the very bitter Studdabubbas finally be able to put and end to Quentin Lary? We can only hope.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pre-Season Power Ranks (6-10)

6. Pittsburgh

From a record standpoint the Stubbabuddas were the 3rd best team in the NL. In the off-season Dizz made it clear that simply wasn't good enough signing three type A FA. Q. Lary, 9-Time All-Star, 2-Time Cy Young winner and 2-time WS winner, while he's slightly past his prime he's still an elite talent. Not satisfied with going to the SF cupboard just once Dizz double double by signing All-Star 3b V. Cueto. Finally, the 3rd signing (A. Moreneo) put Pittsburgh in a foriegn position of having TOO much SP. This year's team is likely the best in Pittsburgh history and it wouldn't surprise me to see them move up in the mid-season ranks

7. Cleveland

Much like Pittsburgh Clevelend went on a FA frenzy signing 3 type A FA and 2 type B FA, the biggest moves came in the bullpen with the addition of G.Turner, W. Guerreo & J. Estrella, the trio will form one of the best Set A combinations in the league. The Rockydawgs also shored up their INF signing J. Morgan at SS & V. Nuez at 3b. Those 5 additions to a team that won 77 games will likely put Cleveland in 90+ win territory for the first time in the franchise history

COMMISH EDIT: Why is it that everytime I have a type A FA it has to get signed by the team that already signed too others GRRRRRRRR. Stupid G. Turner. 

8. St. Louis

Ever since Jceffali joined the league I've known this season would come. St. Louis has been quietly stock piling a glut of young talent and has been slowly progressing in terms of wins 67, 71, 79, 84.......and I don't see them stopping there. The trade for K. Lawerence was a clear indicator to the rest of the AL South that Jceffali feels he's team's ready to compete for the division crown

9. Philadelphia

Since joining the league Hineiii has never missed the playoffs and I don't see this being the first time. Philly, big FA signings have started to get older but they still represent very good talents. The core should be enough to make it 5 straight in the post season

10. Richmond

The third AL South to make the list. Richmond finished 2nd in the AL South last year and then made an unexpected run to the ALCS. The Smokies return much of the same roster and will make the AL South, the most hotly contested division in baseball.

Honorable Mention:

Tacoma, Atlanta, Jacksonville

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meet the Owner w8tilnxtyr

W8tilnxtyr is a new owner to HBD with 3 partial seasons under his belt

Name/Marital Status: SEAN/married

Age: 47

Job: Environmental Specialist 2 (Ohio EPA - State of Ohio) -

Location: Columbus, Ohio   COMMISH EDIT: Columbus is one of my favorite random cities. As a Canadian I'm sure Columbus is in an uproar over the Rich Nash trade........crickets?

Favorite HBD Moment: Finishing my very first season (Pioneer League) 72-90, third place...NOT LOSING 100 GAMES! ;-)  COMMISH EDIT: If you go through your HBD career and never lose 100 games you'll have a very successful career

Favorite sports teams: Originally from Cleveland, so I'm a huge Cleveland sports fan...I guess you can call it a "genetic disorder"! Ha! Favorite teams...Indians, Browns, Cavaliers COMMISH EDIT: Being a Cleveland fan has got to be the toughest in all of sports fandom

Friday, November 23, 2012

Preseason S25 Power Ranks (1-5)

1. Salt Lake City

For the 2nd time in the last 4 years an NL team has brought home the WS title. I continually made jokes in the power rankings last year that if  step 1 in the SLC rebuild was a 20+ win (S23-24) improvement we should all be worried about Step 2. Well it turns out Step 2 was the Morman's 2nd WS title. Can't say I didn't warn you.

2. San Fransico

Six Straight 100+ win seasons, Best Record in Hunter the last 4 seasons, 3 WS appearances in the last 4............All roads to a title go through San Fransisco. If other owners are looking to nitpick for self-assurance, SF did ship off several key contributors from last year in the pre-season and lost Q. Lary to FA.  Also SF is 0-2 in his last WS appearances...........I would then remind everyone that Bjb's farm system is a revolving door of All-Stars

3. Kansas City

2nd Best record in Hunter last 3 seasons........ Zero divison titles.......such is the fate of those in the AL West. Ptowner got creative in the off-season to fix his salary concerns while minimizing the damage to his roster. Every pres-season I predict that KC will graduate from Bridesmaid to Bride, following Murphy's Law, the year I don't predicut it, it will occur.

4. New Orleans

New Orleans took a giant leap forward last year improving their win total by 16 games. Sometimes you can write off a large jump to being a fluke. However, when the owner tells you prior to the season not to forget him in the Power Rankings and puts me on notice that his team is ready to compete, you take notice. It looks like NO has inherited the SLC joke. If Step 1 is a 16 Win improvement and a trip to the NLCS what isStep 2?

5. Louisville

The S24 champs stumbled last year in the playoffs, after wrapping up the AL 2-seed we were bounced by the Smokies in round 2. The roster boasts ALL of the key contributors from the S24 title team but the depth of competition in the league continues to increase, while the Sluggers get slightly older. The greying of the Louisville beards pushes us out of the top 3 for the first time in a season and a half.

The top 5 are very similar to last season, however with all of the off-season movement expect to see some new names in Part 2 (6-10)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Power Ranks End of Season- S24

Quick power ranks to end the season

1. San Fransisco (112-50)  Previous Ranks (2, 2)

The Night Demons are the Michael Myers of Hunter just when you think they might FINALLY lose the divison.........OH MY GOD............he's still alive. KC took an axe to SF's back but it wasn't enough.

2. Kansas City (111-51) Previous Rank (1, 1)

1 win short of the divison title.....2nd best record in ALL of Hunter. One extra round on the road to the WS

3. Louisville (99-63) Previous Rank (3, 3)

Defending Champ. I've said it before I'll say it again, 3rd best team but a pitching staff capable of knocking any team off. Get to avoid KC and SF till ALCS

4. Salt Lake City (101-61) Previous Rank (4, 4)

Top 4 surprisingly consistent. Last year's NL rep and the #1 seed in the NL this season

5. New Orleans (99-62) Previous Rank (5, 7)

Bigtex1 put me on notice that his team was going to be a force and the #2 seed in the NL proved him right

6. Pittsburgh (89-73)  Previous (7, NR)

New Orleans holds the best exp win % in the NL.....SLC is 3rd...... the Stubbadubbas are 2nd. I know that Hunter isn't the only world where Dizz's teams fall short of Exp win %

7. Charlotte (90-72) Previous (NR,NR)

One of the hottest teams in the 2nd half of the season. 4th best record in entire AL.

8. Philadelphia (89-73)  Previous (NR, 5)

Not sure what Hineiii will think of this rank. To start the season I put him 5 and the Phillies started terribly, I left him out of the ranks and they rallied to make the playoffs..... what does 8 mean?

9. Jacksonville (89-73)  Previous Rank (Hourourable Mention, HM)

After two honourable mentions Jacksonville cracks the top 10.

10. St. Louis (84-78) Previous Rank (NR, NR)

Tough break for the Browns, 5th best record in the AL.......Outside looking in for the playoffs. Hopefully, a Power Rank shout out is some consolation

Honourable Mention

Atlanta, Washington, Durham & Vancouver

Monday, October 1, 2012

Power Ranks (6-10)- Mid-Season

6. Atlanta  Previous Rank (9)

As I commented in my first Power Ranks, I always overlook Atlanta and there they are at the end of the season always in playoff contention.

The Cheese Grits own the 4th best record in the AL, the offense is being led by Darrin Blake who was a savvy off-season signing.

Some teams know there their bread is buttered, in Atlanta they know where there "Grits are Cheese" and that's their pitching staff. Specifically Gerniomo Sanchez a sure fire Cy Young finalist with numbers of 14-2, 2.75 ERA.

7. Pittsburgh Previous Rank (NR)

Dizz was worried about jinxing his team with his statement about having the 2nd best team ERA. Well I figured I'd double-down on the Jinx Factor and throw the stink of the Power Ranks on him as well.

The Stubbabubbas while leading the NL North are actually underacheiving, their expected win % is a full 50pts above current .514 win %

8. Boise Previous Rank (NR)

Boise makes their first Power Ranks since, the first edition last season. At the time I stated "It would be unfair not to include the team with the best record in all of Hunter. I believe thta jbburner has made several strong moves to improved his organization however, I think it will still be another 1-2 seasons before he reaps "playoff" fruits for his labour in the field. That said, this spot is a tip of a cap to a great start to the season"

So it looks like it was 1 season before they interjected themselves into the playoff race. Unfortunately for the Taters they reside in the NL West which means either themselves or the Cheese Grits will miss the playoffs unjustly

9. Vancouver Previous Rank  (NR)

At the start of the Power Ranks there was a lot of consistency, at the end there are ALOT of new teams jumping into the fray

Dawiseguy joined Hunter as a replacement owner last season.  He took over for Iain and didn't miss a beat leading the team to the playoffs. In his 2nd year Vancouver has gotten even better, the team is lead by a murders row in the middle of the lineup (Branch Grander, Luis Felix & R. Guerrero). The trio has combined for 87HR & 296 RBI.

10. Augusta Previous Rank (8)

After last season Hunter returned 31 of 32 owners.......the only new guy Cincybang. It didn't take him long to welcome himself to the NL East lead.

The only thing that caused Augusta to drop from last Power Ranks is they are outperforming their exp. win % by 20 pts

Honourable Mention: Jacksonville, San Juan, Minnesota and Richmond

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Power Ranks: Mid-Season (1-5)

1. Kansas City: Previous Rank (1)

The #1 team in the pre-season is still the #1 team at the 2/3 mark. Kansas City has the best record in Hunter and sits 3 games clear of San Fran in the AL West. The Comets have been streaking all-season having scored 50 more runs than their closest competition.  It would be one thing of they were all hit but no pitch but they also own the 7th best world ERA.

I glad Pt stuck around because he is a great owner....... although it certainly hurt Louisvilles chance's at a title defense

2. San Fransisco: Previous Rank (2)

The Night Demons are probably facing the most serious threat to their division title since S12. That said they are still the 2nd best team in Hunter. I am very glad I'm not a member of the AL West.

Bjb's boys boast the world's best ERA and the 3rd best offense and 3rd best defense....... yeah they are good at EVERYTHING.  The only solace the rest of the AL can take is given KC and SF dominance with the way the seeding works they will play prior to the ALCS.

3. Louisville: Previous Rank (3)

Well thus far, things have been pretty consistent. I am happy with the title defense that my team has put together, barring a collaspse the Sluggers should claim the #2 seed and avoid SF and KC until the ALCS.

The Sluggers are living up to their moniker with the 2nd most runs, 2nd best defense & 4th best team's a little disheartening to have that level of success and have to look in the mirror and say "You only deserve a bronze"

4. Salt Lake City: Previous Rank (4)

Trust me, a shake up is coming soon, I do eventually change the order. I don't want you to think because I was under the gun time-wise I just reposted the same power ranks :)

Salt Lake City last year's NL World Series Rep is once again the class of the NL. 67 Wins puts the Mormans 3 wins clear of the 2nd best NL team and gives them the 4th best record in Hunter. I joked in the first power ranks that last season was Step #1 in their rebuilding plan and they made the World Series. I'm still worried about Step #2

5. New Orleans: Previous Rank (7)

At the start of the season I stated I thought New Orleans had the best rotation outside of SF, KC & Lou. I still believe that statement and the numbers come close to bearing it out (NO is 6th in ERA). I also like the moxie of BigTex. He put me on notice before the first Power Ranks not to overlook his roster.

I thought I was giving NO a strong ranking given the 12 year playoff drought, obviously I needed to be more aggressive with my ranking

Monday, August 27, 2012

Power Ranks (6-10)

6.  Tacoma 

It was S23 before Tacoma/Chicago made the franchise's first playoff appearance and it will likely be a few seasons before they are out of the playoffs again. Csher has slowly built a contender in the Pacific North-West. 

The line-up is anchored by MVP caliber bat Alex DeLeon acquired from New Orleans. The rotation while it lacks a true ace runs 5 deep with above average arms (Sojo, Martin, Kinney, Simpson and Hardtke)

7. New Orleans

Since joining Hunter bigtex has been slowly improving his team season by season. It looks like S24 that the Jazz make the jump to NL Pennant contender.

Top to bottom New Orlean's rotation may be the best in the NL and not that far off the top AL counterparts (SF, KC & Lou). To give perspective on the talent and depth of rotation Luis Vizcanio is the 5th starter and sports an ERA of 4.00 in 600 ML IP. To give perspective the average NL era last season was 4.36.

I would be shocked if New Orleans didn't end the franchise 14 season playoff drought this year

8. Augusta

It's apparent that Cincybang had no issue taking over where jsturggis left off, the Nationals are off to a 10-3 start as they look to defend their division NL East Title.

The strength of the Nationals lies in their rotation specifically their top 3 (Mesa, Clark & Bulter)\

9. Atlanta

For pfontaine over the last few seasons these Power Rankings must feel like the movie Groundhog Day. Check everytime only to see Atlanta in the honourable mention category. To be fair I always underestimate the management of the owner in this case.

Every year on paper Atlanta looks like a .500 team, however every single season, there is a point where Louisville is looking up at Atltanta in the standings. The team is 2 year removed from a ALCS appearance and this organization has won 86+  since S14 and only has 1 losing season dating all the way back to S10.

It's shrewd off-season signings like Derrin Blake to a cap freight 4M deal that keeps their division rivals on their toes.

10. Minnesota

Stazrunner has been a model of consistancy since joining Hunter winning 88, 89 & 88 games respectively over the last 3 seasons. Last year the Twinkees lost a tight divison battle to Tacoma but won't give up the divison without a fight.

The Minny lineup is built around 3-MVP Ty Langston and Max Money Man-Estaban Fernadez. Last year they combined like Volrton to post 97HR 150 RBI .302 AVG .945 OPS

Honourable Mentions:
Jacksonville, Washington, Boise & Baltimore

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Power Ranks Start of Season (1-5)

1. Kansas City

The Comets would like to erase last year's ALCS from their memory, they were 1 out away from a trip to the World Series when the Sluggers pulled off an unprobable Game 6 (5 runs) and Game 7 (2 run) 9th inning comebacks. The loss in the ALCS aside Kansas City deserves the rise to number 1. They return the majority of the team that knocked off SF in the 2nd round of the playoffs and added D. Manto a potential 40HR guy cheap at 2M year.

I think this might finally be the year where KC knocks SF off for the division.

2. San Fransico

The Night Demon missed the ALCS for the first time since S20. The perinnennial World Series Contenders face one of the toughest roads to the World Series for years to come. With the Comets rises to the top of the tower ranks and Boise's steady improvement the AL West may be the toughest division in Hunter.

All of the above said the San Fransico Night Demons keep getting better. In the off-season SF added the best FA pitcher Bo Gragg at a rock bottom price of 6M a year. As several joked in the World Chat it was nice to finally see Bjb catch a break :). Unfortunately for the rest of Hunter the SF farm is just as good as the parent club.

3. Louisville

Normally I like to provide a professional courtesty to the defending champ by ranking them #1 in the following season's luckily I don't have to worry about stepping on my own toes. Going into the playoffs last season I viewed my team as the 3rd best team in Hunter with a pitching staff capable of winning any series it turned out that assestment wsa correct.

A familiar group is back for the title defense Bo Gragg is the only player who didn't return that pitched more than 50 innings or had more than 150 at-bats. If I was asked to assess my team I would use the same assesment as last year.....3rd best team in the league with a pitching staff that could beat anyone

4. Salt Lake City

The Mormons as are storied francise in Hunter with 10 playoff appearances, 4 World Series Appearances & 1 World Series title before they fell on hard times S20-S22. However, if last year was any indication SLC is back.  The Mormons were relatively quiet in FA, deciding to build from within. If S23 was Step 1........ 22 win improvement and a trip to the WS, the entire AL should be scared about Step 2.

5. Phildelphia

Sorry, Hineiii I am putting the stink of the power ranks on your team early this season. The Phillies boast the highest payrooll in Hunter. Over the last 2 years it's apparent that Philly has spent well as they have posted 100W & 99W seasons over the last 2 years.

With Little Rock falling back to the pack it's time for a new "Big Dog" to step up in the NL.

Friday, July 20, 2012

MTO Dawiseguy

Dawiseguy joined Hunter in S23 as a replacement for Iain

Age: 26 (COMMISH EDIT: Might be the youngest member of Hunter, I know we have a few in the 28-30 year old group)

Job:  professional wrestler professional gambler (COMMISH EDIT: Well if he's not the youngest, he hands down has the most interesting job in Hunter)

Location:  fresno california

Favorite moment: just learning the game. havent really had a favorite moment yet. but hopefully this will be my first playoff team. even though i took it over. i have a wost moment though. picking top 3 in one league with 18 million in college and hs scouting budgets. I didnt see 7 of the top 10 projected picks.

Favorite sports teams: 49ers and giants.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Power Ranks- End of Season (1-10)

1. San Fransico (117-45), Previous Ranks (1, 2)

2. Kansas City  (105-57), Previous Rank (2, 3)

3. Little Rock (88-74), Previous Rank (3, 1)

4. Louisville (99-63), Previous Rank (5, 10)

5. Philly (99-63), Previous Rank (6, 6)

6. Salt Lake City (96-66), Previous Rank (4, 4)

7. Tacoma (91-71), Previous Rank (10, NR)

8. Boston (95-67), Previous Rank (7, NR)

9. Jacksonville (91-71),  Previous Rank (8, NR)

10. Minnesota (89-73), Previous Rank  (NR, 5)

Honorable Mentions: Washington, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh

Friday, July 13, 2012

Meet Bobbyj7

Bobbyj7 joined Hunter as a replacement after Greeny advised he would not be returning next season. To Greeny's credit he gave up his team early so that the new owner could put their stamp on the franchise before the season is over

Name: Bob

Age: Gettin up there. 

Job: Software development. COMMISH EDIT: He probably has the cheat codes for HBD from the WIS know professional courtesy

Family Status: Married

Location: Minnesota COMMISH EDIT: Wild fan?? If so what do you think of deals lasting 26 years for a combined value of 196M? Interested in a local take

Favorite HBD moment: Past two seasons in PineTar- winning my first championship.

Favorite Sports Teams: 70s A's & Vikings. 80s Orioles & Cubs.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Power Ranks (6-10) Mid-Season

6. Philadelphia: Previous Rank (6) Current Record: 82-54

Philly currently holds the NL 2-seed by a razor thin margin (1 game), last year potential title hopes were derailed with Ace R. Santiago suffered a season ending injury and crippled their pitching staff just prior to playoffs. In the off-season Hineiii added future HOFer Bob Creek (only 300 game winner and will look great wearing a Louisville hat at induction), to his staff. Thus far the returns on the Creek signing specifically haven't been great (4.9 ERA), however his talent remains unquestioned. Creek + Santiago + Earley = Title Contender

7. Boston: Previous Rank (NR) Current Record: 81-53

As mentioned previously Philly holds a razor thin lead and the team that they hold it over is Boston. In jsturgis5866 first season with the team he has Boston positioned to return to the post-season for the first time since Radek departed Hunter for good. The most impressive aspect of Jsturgis' first year is how he has molded a team that only won 76 games last year and with only a few minor roster tweaks has them on pace for almost a 15 game improvement. The largest off-season signing was F. Gonzalez and SP3, the rest of his roster movers were improving spots 17-25 on the roster

8. Jacksonville: Previous Rank (NR) Current Record: 79-56

Knine joined Hunter in S22 with an amazing history of success (.600 win % in 50+ seasons) and it didn't talk long to see why, through a series of shrewed inexpensive signings Jacksonville saw a 15W jump in S22 to get to .500 and Knine has carried that success into this season with an almost 100 pt improvement in win %. Not to be overlooked is Jacksonville holds a 4 game lead over defending champ Little Rock as they try and break timf's 6 year hammerlock on the divison.

9. Atlanta: Previous Rank (NR) Current Record: 76-59

I think pfontaine leads all owners in the number of times he's been an honourable mention in the Power Ranks. I think this will mark the 2nd time the Cheese Grits appear in the 3 season I've been doing the rankings, last year I mistakenly left them out of the mid-season ranks only to see Atlanta storm past my struggling franchise and almost knock them out of the playoffs. Despite a low seed in the S22 playoffs Altanta marched to the ALCS. Once again Atlanta is knocking on the door of the AL South Title and sits 3 games back of the AL 2-seed

10. Tacoma: Previous Rank (NR) Current Record: 76-60

The Tacoma story reads like a sports movie. For those that haven't been in Hunter long here's the background. A committed and well-intending but untimely unskilled owner (Gocubz) owned the franchise from S2 to S20. Year after year the owner trades away the franchises most promising prospects for short-term gains, in 19 seasons Chicago never finished better that 82-80 and never made the playoffs. Following S19, the owner sells the franchise to a new ownership group headed by Csherwood (we'll get into his backstory in a second) and the group promptly moves the team to Tacoma and promises a brighter future for the franchise. Csherwood himself was looking for redemption after being removed from Moneyball, Tacoma was his fresh start.  (Insert montage from S20 where the team starts out poorly but starts to come around for the new owner).  The team slowly builds under Csher from 61W to 79W to the brink of the playoffs. Regardless of the outcome Tacoma will set a franchise record for wins and take the best run at a playoff spot in franchise history. Now if this truly was a sports movie, Tacoma would sneak into the 6th seed in the AL (currently tied for 6th seed and divison lead) and then promply knock off  the 3seed, 2seed, 1seed on the way to the WS title).

Honourable Mentions: Washington, Minnesota & Las Vegas

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Power Ranks (1-5)- Midseason

 5. Louisville Sluggers: Last Rank (10), Record (73-55)

HOMER PICK ALERT!!!!!!!! During the first power ranks I slipped Louisville into the back end of the top 10, despite their slow start, since then my team has racked up the best record in the AL for a team not based in KC or SF. The Sluggers are currently tied for the 3rd seed, but are only 2 games away from missing the playoffs, that's how tight the AL race is. The reason the Sluggers got the nod for the top 5 over some NL teams with better records is the Sluggers have the 3rd best exp. win % in the world.

4. Salt Lake City: Last Rank (4), Record (78-50)

In the original power rankings the Mormons burst on the scene trying to convert everyone into believers. Given the aggressive rank that I gave SLC it's clear I bought into the "Book of Mormons" as interpreted by Shmish.  The Mormons will be especially dangerous in the post season given Dennis Cheng their ace his 14-5 record and 2.42 ERA.

3. Little Rock : Last Rank (1), Record (72-56)

Last year's champ stumbles a little bit from 1 to 3 in the power ranks. Currently Little Rock boasts the 5th best record in the NL but stays in the top 3 on the backs to two very important points. #1 Timf gets to see the World Series Trophy on his team page every time he signs in. #2 The Renegades have the highest exp. win % in the entire NL. 

2. Kansas City: Last Rank (3), Record (83-42)

As the saying goes it's Deja vu all over again, below is what I wrote about KC during last season, I'm not sure if I'd change anything that I wrote in the summary

"KC has got to be the most unlucky team in Hunter, despite having the 2nd best record in the entire world they are currently slotted at the 5th seed in AL. Ptwoner has pushed SF harder than any other team ever has and for the first time in a long time Bjb may not be able to rest his starters down the stretch. It's tough to find a new narrative for a team that performed as expected. Speaking as a fellow AL owner, I want to avoid KC as long as possible."

I will add one new fact that is sure to give fellow AL teams "shivers", at .664 Win % KC is actually underperforming compared to their expected win % of .700

1. San Francisco:    Last Rank (2), Record (89-36)
 It did not take long for Bjb to return to the number #1 spot. In the first batch of power ranks Little Rock ascended to number #1 as a tip of the cap to the defending champ but the Night Demons have been too dominant to hold off. San Fransico holds the best record in Hunter by 6 games and leads in the world in runs scored and expected winning %. All of that leads to a return to the power ranks throne

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Season 23 Draft Review

While only one of us could have a player named Fritz Furbush, it still seems like almost everyone was pretty happy with their draft. How do I know? I read the following article.

I thought it might be interesting to get each owner's take on Hunter's Season 24 Amateur Draft. About 80% of the league responded with a few sentences about their first pick and how it will effect their team. For the teams who did not respond, jsturgis5866 volunteered to share his scouting reports.

Let me know what you think about this feature. If we decide it's worthwhile, I will continue to try to pull it together.

1. Mel Cortes (P) — New Britain Yorkies
With the top draft pick, the Yorkies took Mel Cortes who has hall of fame potential— projected splits in the high 90's, 5 good pitches, and excellent control—although he will only be good for about 150 innings a year.

2. Stephen Blake (P) — Arizona D-Backs
Arizona drafts Blake to help its bottom-10 pitching staff. Crafty, not a flame-thrower, currently a little light on control but won't give up the long ball. Starting at RL 4-3, 3.05 ERA, 8 starts.*

3. William Stock (SS) — Pawtucket Patriots
Future All-Star? Good speed, good makeup, good hitter (but not for power). Health in 50s could be a concern. Starting at RL, .374 / .447 / .577 in 44 games.*

4. Louie Aspromonte (P) — Tampa Bay Manatees
The first draft pick of the wolfhoundkl era in Tampa, the 4th overall in this year's amateur draft, was San Diego State standout hurler Louie Aspromonte. The three-sport star was considered a risky pick going into the draft, being looked at as an upper-tier quarterback prospect by several NFL clubs. Scouts around the league don't project him to be a true innings-eater at any point, but the young sinkerballer throws hard with good command and should be able to keep the ball on the ground. His ceiling looks to be an upper-mid rotation starter, with the ability to both miss bats and pitch effectively to contact as needed, but without the endurance of a true ace. With his widely admired mental makeup, however, the sky's the limit for the young man from Colts Neck, NJ

5. Ronnie Piper (2B) — Iowa City Humdingers
New owner bobbyj finds a gold nugget left in the inbox. Piper projects to a 2B or corner OF, and should be able to hit, hit again, and hit some more. A Humdinger. Starting at RL, .313 / .420 / .559 in 40 games but promoted to Low A by new regime.*

6. Doug Lemon (SS) — Durham Dragons
After purchasing the franchise and moving it to Durham, the new owners have decided to do a complete rebuild. Lemon is a great place to start. He’s got power. He’s got contact. He can hit equally well against lefties or righties. He’s got a great eye. He even has a ton of speed. His only downside is that he may not be quite good enough to play SS when he hits the majors. But Durham isn’t concerned. This is the kind of player you can build a franchise around. And that’s exactly what Durham is planning on doing.

7. Jair Diaz (P) — Boise Taters
The Taters are very happy with their #1 pick and think he will be a future #1 starter in Boise. There will be no rush to get him to the majors so it might be be a long wait but well worthwhile.

8. Douglas Harvey (P) — Durham Dragons
Having already taken a stellar bat two picks previous in the round, the Dragons went for a starting pitcher with their second first round pick. Harvey doesn’t have the best control, or the best splits, but he’s pretty good at both. He does however have great velocity, and a lights out first pitch with a decent second pitch and passable third and forth pitches. He’s not a shoe in for the Cy Young, but he should show up on a few ballots when it comes time to vote throughout his career.

9. Vernon Cust (2B) — St. Louis Browns
With the 9th overall pick, the St. Louis Browns selected Vernon Cust out of Amherst (Mass.) High School. Cust, just 5' 8" and 170 pounds, projects as 2B or possibly CF and Browns scouts expect big things from the young man at the plate and with the leather. The Browns have stocked their previously barren farm quite well over the last few years since new ownership took over. This year however, management signed several Type A free agents and so after picking Cust, they did not pick again until the 5th round.

10. Ross Smith (P) — New Orleans Jazz
Closer of the future has it all: splits, control, two great pitches, makeup, health ... But with speed in the 20s and base-running in single digits, he won't steal many bases. Starting at Low A, 4-4 in saves in 15 games, rarely even getting a full inning of work in.*

11. Jorel Cox (P) — Salt Lake City Mormons
With 2 first round picks including one in the top 15, the SLC Mormons were hoping to add a couple more building blocks as they work their way back into contention. I think its fair to say they failed spectacularly, having one of the worst drafts in franchise history. Bucking the trend to go with the best player available, the Mormons reached for 2 pitchers who team scouts badly overrated. At #11, the team selected Jorel Cox who projects to, at best a middle reliever, with solid stamina and pitches, but a poor vs. L rating that will limit his potential. An early season injury did nothing to quell initial concerns. With a comp pick at #36, the team grabbed Jered Hyzdu, a similar low-ceiling pitcher. Mormons GM Shmish0 acknowledged the team's shortcomings in this draft stating simply that he hopes that this an aberration from a generally well-performing scouting team, and does not anticipate that this will slow momentum in a return to respectability for the big league club.

12. Alex Benoit (RF) - Pittsburgh Studdababbas
The pitching-starved Studdabubbas went with another hitter. Alex is another big power guy who may one day be compared to Matt Buchanan. Unlike, Buchanan, Alex might be able to catch a fly ball and even steal a base or two. This just wasn't a position of need for the Studdabubbas as they are pretty stacked with young COFs and 1Bs. Benoit has all-star potential, though, and is crushing it in Low A but he will probably not be rushed to the Bigs.

13. Geovany Suarez (P) — Cincinnatti Reds
Cinci needs pitching, drafting a great fireball closer. He's a young kid with a long way to develop to reach his potential

14. Shelley Philips (P) — Boston Hot Diggity Dogs
Team went into the draft prep looking for a strong position player but when the prospects arrived, plans changed. New mindset: you can never go wrong with pitching! Shhh.. don't release this to the media but the front office doesn't have high hopes for young Phillips, more like a medium-well Diggity Dog. He projects to have the control and pitch quality required of the personnel department but only so-so splits. Upside would be a back-of-the-rotation SP, but in the end, a Long A is more likely.

15. Jerry Jacobs (P) — Richmond Rebel Rousers
Jerry Jacobs, a 6-1 sophomore from Lansing Community College, is your average Michigan farm boy if he's not playing baseball. The 15th pick of the 1st round, he was #3 on the Rebel Rousers draft board. A risky pick, but the pitching staff fell in love with his high potential. If he will live up to his lofty projections he will develop nearly perfect control on his pitches. He will especially be tough on lefties with his murderous Sinker and Change Up and could throw a decent cut fastball and screwball too. He had a very good start in rookie ball but then destiny struck as he blew out his elbow in just his second start and had to be put on DL. All of Richmond baseball is awaiting his return next year.

16. Welington Arencibia (CF) — Cleveland MooseDawgs
With two picks in the 1st round at #16 and #18 the MooseDawgs addressed 2 needs. A CF Welington Arencibia who generates a little power from his small frame and is a adequate defender (He also hails from Raleigh which be where I live )...

17. John Tessmer (P) — Tacoma Narrows
With their first round pick, the Narrows selected De Leon, Texas High School pitcher John Tessmer. Tessmer is a bit of a project, but the team believes that he will be able to develop pinpoint control combined with four strong pitches, including one of the strongest changeups the scouts have ever seen. His biggest question mark is his stamina, which will have to develop significantly if he is going to be able to pitch enough innings to be a starter. Otherwise, a closer job may be in his future.

18. Phil Jerzembeck (P) — Cleveland MooseDawgs
...and a SP, Phil Jerzembeck, the little lefty who should be a solid pitcher who eats some innings, despite his small stature. The little dude has been impressive so far down in rookie ball. The future of the MooseDawgs is riding on these 2 diminutive youngsters. The team ownership is also looking to increase their "carbon credits" by reducing the size of the players....less material on uniforms....smaller post game buffets and fuel savings....and so on.

19. Fritz Furbush (C) — Colorado Blasters
It looks as if the Blasters have their eventual replacement for Steve Murphy .Their 1st round pick, Fritz Furbush is a very different kind of hitter than Murphy, having the ability to swat the ball to the gaps and put the bat on the ball from nearly anywhere. He looks as if he'll be a better fielder as well. GM Leppy Kahn was very pleased with the pick offering "We think we got a guy who can be special, and put another guy in place to get the Blasters back to the top."

20. John Chen (SS) — Jacksonville VanZants
First of three Round 1 picks for the VZ. Chen is solid in all facets of the game, but not especially strong in any—the norm once the 20s roll around. Probably projects to 3B. Starting at RL, .299 / .411 / .563 in 44 games.*

21. Hawk Wilhelm (P) — Las Vegas Sinatras
The Sinatras are pretty thin down on the farm, and took a "best available" approach with their draft. However, their PR department are reportedly unimpressed with having to sell the fans in Nevada on two high school relief pitchers taking Hawk Wilhelm in the first round and then Kenneth Stokes in the supplemental round. Both project to be high IP horses out of the 'pen, and the team knows that those late inning, high leverage situations are where most games are won and lost, but with so much else to do in Sin City, the team is glad they can bank on the stable of young stars for a few more seasons to continue selling tickets.
22. Lawrence Hill (LF) — Columbus Blue Claws
Hill's strength is his speed and base stealing potential, but his splits and defense are weak. May or may not make it to the majors. Starting at RL, .269 / .378 / .509 and six errors in 45 games.*

23. Ted Lowell (P) — Minnesota Twinkies (Unsigned)

24. Juan Viciedo (RF) — Atlanta Cheese Grits
Juan Viciedo is a RF prospect that profiles as a Gold Glove level defender at the position. He projects to have good power and could be an impact bat if he develops according to Atlanta's HS scouts.

25. Johnny Vaughn (P) — Los Angeles Baja Racers (Unsigned)
With the 25th pick in the first round the Baja Racers gambled and took the lefty out of Georgia Tech Johnny Vaughn. Vaughn a junior has tremendous upside especially in LA's pitcher friendly ballpark. Vaughn has a plus-plus fastball, excellent control and 4 out pitches. Vaughn is also a excellent QB for G-Tech and is deciding on which direction to take his Pro Career.

26. Dwight Martin (SS) — Seattle Sasquatch (Unsigned)

27. David Moreno (P) — Louisville Sluggers (Unsigned)
Louisville was very excited to draft the players we had rated 6th on our draft board at pick 29. Unfortunately, David Moreno chose not to sign. He would have been a great value at pick 29 (90+ control 70+ splits and good pitches). With Moreno not signing Louisville's top pick was at 92 and the franchise selected Emmanuel Barney who projects to be a very good utility INF can field any position in a pinch and had a decent bat, however he promptly got hurt 2 games into his minor league career. Needless to say future championships will not be built on the back of the S23 draft.

28. Preston Durham (P) — Baltimore BayDogs
With the 28th pick in this year's amateur draft, the Baltimore BayDogs selected Preston Durham, age 20, a pitcher out of Palm Beach Community College. With ML starting rotation stalwarts Joe House and Eric Barclay moving into their mid-30s, the BayDogs are hoping to grow some new starters that will be ready in 2 to 3 seasons. Durham projects to a #3-5 place starter if he can conquer some control issues and come close to what the BayDog scouts are projecting.

29. DJ Crisp (P) — Jacksonville VanZants
Throws hard, has good control but his L-R splits could hold him back. Strong makeup and health numbers. Starting at RL, 6-2, 2.54 ERA, 10 starts, 78 Ks in 71 IP.*

30. Bob Fischbach (CF) — Cincinnati Reds (Unsigned)

31. Kirby Rooney (CF) — Little Rock Renegades
Rooney's strengths are speed and defense, and probably enough offense to make him a legit ML prospect. Starting at RL, .263 / .360 / .438 in 45 games.*

32. Juan Trinidad (P) — Kansas City Comets
What does 0 / 0 scouting get you? In this case, a possible ML bullpen guy. Control is starting out in the 30s, splits in the 40s, but he should have two strong pitches, with velocity and good health. Starting at RL, 11-14 in saves in 18 games, 1.22 WHIP, 3.50 ERA.*

40. Sam Coveleski (SS) — Charlotte Smokies
With the 40th pick in the draft, the Charlotte Smokies drafted infielder Sam Coveleski. Coveleski, who is thought to be the great-great-grandson of MLB HOF Stan Coveleski, is a sabermetric's worst nightmare, in that he doesn't seem to have any one tool that stands out. He's a scout's dream, in that he just appears to be a classic example of a passion filled ballplayer, a throwback to the days of Pepper Martin and the Gashouse Gang. Coveleski is a firey young ballplayer who isn't afraid to get dirty, nor to rip into others if he feels like they aren't putting forth a good effort. He's got a pretty good all around glove, which should make him a Tony LaRussa dream player, in that he can play almost anywhere. If he hits enough, he could be a GG caliber defender at 3rd or CO, or a decent fielder at 2B and CF—the latter two are best for spot duty only. The big question is his bat, which will keep him from being an everyday player. He can put the ball in play, projecting out to the upper 80's for contact, which should give him a respectable BA for platoon or bench roles. He also has doubles power and will walk into a few HR's if the pitcher is not careful. His splits, especially against righties is what will keep him as a role player. The Smokies see him as a depth player. They believe he should make the Show,but as a 4th OF/backup IF type. His ability to play multiple positions and put the ball in play will probably get him 200 to 300 AB's at the ML level. As long as his BABIP is is close to league average, he'll hit well enough to warrant those AB's.

44. Boomer Crane (P) — Washinton D.C. Quakers
Boomer is a right handed starting pitcher with excellent control and split fast ball, combined with a decent 4 seam fastball. However, his splits against RHB and LHB are average. He projects to be a 4th or 5th starter in 3+ years.
* Blurb provided by jsturgis5866 and the Boston Hot Diggity Dogs scouts.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Meet Wolfhoundkl

Wolfhoundkl is an original Hunter owner from S1, who went on a short hiatus from S19-22, his original team resided in the AL South and is now St. Louis.

Name: Kristian, living with girlfriend  COMMISH EDIT: Krisitian & the Commish are former Housemates from McMaster University.
Occupation: Lawyer  COMMISH EDIT: In addition to a disporportionate number of Canadians it appears Lawyer is a favorite career in Hunter

Location: Toronto COMMISH EDIT: ANOTHER CANUCK !!!!!! :)

Favorite Teams: Leafs, COMMISH EDIT: No need to insert any joke here Jays, Saints (When I care about the NFL, which is sometimes), Roughriders (When I care about the CFL, which is almost as rare), and Raptors (When I'm not depressed by them, which has been a while)

Favourite HBD moment? That came really early on. I've never been a very successful owner, spending so long buried in the hellish melee of the AL South, but getting Bruce Kaufman up into the majors (Season 4 draftee) and watching him blossom was what ultimately hooked me.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Power Ranks Update #1: 6-10

10. Louisville Sluggers: Record (8-12)

Since I started doing the power ranks this is the lowest I've had my own team and I am still trying to figure my team out this season. The only major defection was trading 1b R. Boyd away to make room for D. Giavotella and his 40HR power. The Sluggers lead Hunter in team OPS last season and was in last as recently as 5 games ago, however the bats are starting to come alive and hopefully the rest of the team will come around.

9. Boise Taters (15-5)

It would be unfair not to include the team with the best record in all of Hunter. I believe thta jbburner has made several strong moves to improved his organization however, I think it will still be another 1-2 seasons before he reaps "playoff" fruits for his labour in the field. That said, this spot is a tip of a cap to a great start to the season.

8. Charlotte (14-6)

Aaronwayne has been putting the building blocks in place for a great Hunter season since S17. Last year was step #1, 86-76. The next big step was the off-season acquistion E. Alacorn, who has added an MVP level bat to the middle of the Charlotte order. Given the start to the season it appears that Alacron might be the yeast needed to allow Charlotte bread to rise. Although the bread smells good I wish it was baking in a divison other than my own

7. Washington (10-10)

Off to a slowish start, Washington has been one of the consistent elite teams in Hunter, having average more than 100Ws over the last 4 seasons. The biggest off-season loss was Rich Williams who will be discussed later and the biggest pick-up was Luis Mercardo, looking at these moves neither the loss nor the gain are "difference makers", and if we can learn from history come game 162, Washington will have 100W and either the #2 or 3 seed.

6. Phildephia: Record (12-8)

I am not sure how Hineiii will recieve this ranking, as he's been the biggest proponent of the "Power Ranking Curse". This team was the #2 seed in the NL, but had it's title hopes derailed with an injury to R. Santiago. The 7-time Cy Young award winner returns healthly for the season and is joined by big off-season acquistions Bob Creek. That gives Phildelphia one of the best #1-2 punches in the NL. Looking closer at the Philly roster I have probably done a disservice listing them at #6, I expect to find this team in the top 4 come the next update. Hineiii consider yourself forewarned :)

Power Ranks Update #1: Spots 1-5

5. Minnesota (13-7)

The defending AL North Champ returns almost exactly the same roster that finished 88-74 last season and 89-73 the year before. With a lot of the big teams taking a step back, the consistent Twinkies rosters allows them to jump into the top 5 for the first time.

4. Salt Lake City (14-8)

SLC makes their first appearance in the power rankings since I took over in the lofty position of #4. The Mormons have a history of success in Hunter (1 Title & 2 other WS appearances), until S20 they have been perenial contenders, then Shmish put the team into rebuild mode and it's quite apparent based on his off-season that he believes his roster is ready to compete again.

SLC jumped into the deep end of the FA pool. Salt Lake signed qty (4) Type A/B FA, they added SP J. Jacques, CF Willie Rijo, RP E. Blackmon & C Aaron Bennett.

Early returns from the off-season expeditures are very good, given that SLC is Hunter's hottest team having rattled off a 12 game winning streak

3. Kansas City (12-8)

KC finished last season with the 2nd best record in the AL, unfortunately that meant the #5 seed in the playoffs because the top record belonged to divison mate SF. In an unlikely upset Atlanta knocked off KC in the first round. The biggest defection of the off-season was the loss of future HOFer Bob Creek, which will hurt the rotation but Ptowner has done a great job since he joint Hunter in S21 assembling a deep roster through trades and FA. He did pick up Rich Williams in FA, who represents and an average 3b bat but has a ++ glove for the position.

2. San Fransico: Record (13-7)

As I mentioned at the end of last year, I was dissappointed in Bjb, for losing the NL, as it meant I had to retire my Quadruple A jokes, that said SF is till the class of the AL, it returns almost every key contributor from last year, the biggest loss was the trade of Albert Callabero, however his overall rating has exceeded his success thus far (.761 OPS). The never ending farm system of SF is sure to spit out a quality replacement.

1. Little Rock: Record (12-8)

As I envoke in my intial power rankings every year, Ric Flair says it best "To be the man you have to beat the man". Right now, after 4 failed tries the Renegades broke through and took home their first Hunter title. The statement I made prior to last season was the Renegades window was starting to closer as most key contributors were aging and their farm system had been depleted by their extended run of excellence. The statment continues to be true and every player has gotten one year older. The two key defections LR sufferd in their title defense was the loss of 38 year old Juan Jacques & more importantly the loss of bullpen stud Willie Guerreo. The team is still built to contend, hats off to timf for setting a Hunter record for 5 consecutive WS appearances (still bitter he bested my previous record fo 4 straight)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meet jsturgis5866

S23 markst Jsturgis5866 first season in Hunter, however he is anything but a rookie with over 6000+ career wins and 2 WS titles on his HBD resume

Name: Jack

Age: 55

Location: Massachusetts, USA

Favorite Teams: New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox .. Bruins .. Celtics COMMISH EDIT: I knew there was a reason I liked this guy, he's got fantastic taste in Hockey teams.......the other teams not so much.......but really FANTASTIC taste in hockey teams. It's coming to an end soon, but the Bruins are still the champs......technically

Favorite HBD moment is tough. All my fond memories are people-related but no "moments," as such. I guess i'd choose my first WS title in World Boston Tea Party, Columbus Westward Migration sweeps three playoff series, going 11-0 after previous postseason disappointments.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meet god_mike

S23 represents god_mike's first season in Hunter

Name/Family Status: Michael / Single.

Age: 38

Job: Night stocker at Wal-Mart on graveyards.

Location: Nanaimo, BC, Canada COMMISH EDIT: The Canadian content keeps rising in Hunter, off the top of my head myself, timf, wolfhoundkl, beerman, lets_try & iain are all Canucks and I am sure I'm forgetting atleast one owner.

DOUBLE COMMISH EDIT: I'm sure all of the Canadians thought I was going to make a crack about the Nanaimo bar. Shame on you I'm better than that. I don't grab the low hanging fruit ALL the time
Favorite HBD Moment: Still waiting for that WS ring, or even a WS appearance. Though taking the division title away from a long time rival in LOCO was a good one.

Favorite Sports teams: I watch mostly hockey and football, so in hockey my favourite teams are Calgary Flames and Pittsburgh Penguins COMMISH EDIT: I am so happy you aren't a Canucks fan, that would have gotten the Commish-Owner relationship off on a bad foot , and in Football, Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys. and the Calgary Stampeders in the CFL. When i used to follow baseball more i was a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays and the Pittsburgh Pirates, but i barely follow it anymore. :>

Monday, May 14, 2012


By my count there are 10-15 guys on the ballot that could be considered for the HOF. If we all vote independently no one will get in, as a result I ask that everyone constrain their voting to the 7 players listed below. Please decided if you feel they are HOF or not.

There are MORE deserving players than the 7 below however these guys will disappear from the ballot soonest, so we need to clear the backlog. To put the effect of a “splintered vote into perspective”, three seasons ago before everyone started voting together Garret Biggio a CF with 3063 hits, 636HR & 2084 RBI did NOT get in season. Let’s clean up this first 7 and we’ll move to the next batch next year.

I have put the guys in the order I will be voting for them and who will be getting HOF votes. I will be voting for the MAX 5 listed in order below. As mentioned above please limit your votes to the 7 players listed, vote for 0 to 5 of the below. You do not have to follow my order, I just figured I'd give a glimpse at my rationales

1. Frank Zhang- I don't think I need to put much here as he's as much as a lock that exists for the HOF. 755HR and 2011RBIs. Multiple MVPs............just vote for him.

2. E. Gonzalez- I make this argument every year, if we don't want a HOF full of 1b/Lf/RF we have to start voting in some skilled positions. Mendy Clemens is the only 2b in the HOF, Biggio will be the first CF & E. Gonzalez deserves to be the first SS. In the history of Hunter E. Gonzalez probably held the title for best SS for six to nine seasons. At a premium position that is worth a trip to the hall. Add on the following numbers. 1500+ runs 445 HR 1600+ RBI .501 Slugging, those stats would be impressive for a career at 1b, at SS they are ridiculous.

3. S. Morgana- Simply put he's the best C in the history of Hunter, a great mix of both offenisve and defensive talent (70+ PC). His offensive numbers are the reason he'll go into the hall. 400HR, 1090RBI, .300 AVG & .913 OPS. When I ran the ballot for the best C in Hunter history, Morgana edged out A.Campos for the top spot. If you are the best player at any position over 20 seasons, you should be HOF bound

4. P Chavez- It would be fitting of Pablo Chavez went into the HOF the last year as G. Biggio (S22 inductee) as he played in his shadow for most of his career. Chavez was the 2nd best CF in Hunter for 10 seasons. Unfortunately for him Biggio could be argued as the best Hunter player ever regardless of position. He just happened to play the same one as Chavez. He was a multi-time all-star and a multi-time silver slugger in CF and also picked up two World Series rings. In his prime Chavez was a legit CF, not just a LF masquerading as a CF to get an extra bat in the line-up. He ended up with 515HR, you get to 500HR with CF as your primary position you get in the hall

5. R. Brito- While 3b isn't as difficult to find at 2b, SS or CF. Brito should get bonus points for fielding a position much more difficult than 1b,LF or RF. Brito is one of the few HOF candidates who was a gold glover (3x) as well as a silver slugger (3x). He also picked up Seven All-Star appearances for his career. He ended up 30HR short of 500. In his prime he was a plus defender and a plus bat at a semi-premimum position. I think if we didn't have the backlog we currently have Brito would end up getting in but he's got a tough row to hoe with all the deserving candidates

6. Matty Garces- Matty, just misses the cut for me this year, he has the resume 600+ HR & an MVP award, however given the talent of available players I have to nitpick a bit. Everyone above him on the list played a premiem or semi-premium position (except Zhang, but seriously if you haven't voted for him yet stop reading this right now and go vote). He was a below average defender in RF and he just nips over .900 OPS for his career. Like I said I'm nitpicking, he'll get my vote in the future, I just think there are 5 better candidates.

7. Miguel Bennet- The only pitcher on the ballot this year. I am not sure what to do with RP, specfically closers. This year he doesn't make my personal ballot but I will be interested to see what others do with him. He is the Hunter world leading in saves with 512 and had a very good ERA at 3.52 for his career. If a RP was going to go in, I think it would have to be Bennet.......that said I'm not convinced I'd ever vote for a RP.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pittsburgh Studdabubbas S22 Wrap-Up

A.K.A. The season where the Trinidad curse ended.

Stupid David Trinidad
As you may remember, in Season 21, the Studdabubbas traded for aging slugger, David Trinidad, to try to give the 34-25 Studdabubbas a offensive boost. Once Trinidad arrived, the team imploded and went 47-56 to end the season at .500 and 4 games out of a wildcard spot. Bubbas fans didn't seriously think it was a curse…until Season 22.

The Studdabubbas started slow in Season 22 and never recovered. They were 25-40 when Little Rock acquired Trinidad for a 38-Special CD collection (and RP Mack Osting). But once Trinidad left, things started picking up again for Pittsburgh. They finished Season 22 with a 50-47 record. Not spectacular, but still an obvious improvement.

The facts are, over the last two seasons the Studdabubbas went 72-96 with David Trinidad and 84-67 without David Trinidad. And it's not like subtracting Trinidad made room for a studly prospect or something. The Studdabubbas simply filled the spot with Osting to help the bullpen suck more.

Trinidad hit .299 with an .853 OPS in Little Rock and got his 2nd World Series ring. He batted .230 during his time in Pittsburgh. So the curse was broken, but not the way Pittsburgh fans were hoping. Good riddance, jerkface.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Final Power Ranks (1-5)

5. Philadelphia- Last Rank: 7 First rank: 9 Record: 100-62

Despite Hineiii's protests his team keeps rising in the Power Ranks cracking the top 5 for the first time. Philly 100W season is the best for the franchise since season 8. This team is one of the 5 vying to knock off Little Rock in NL. Currently it looks like Philly stands the best chance of doing so, with qty (3) 40HR hitters and R. Santiago at the front of the rotation. Plus the bye can never be over-rated

4. Little Rock- Last Rank: 4 First Rank 6: Record: 98-64

Despite being the #2 seed in the NL Little Rock clocks in highest in the NL. Like Rick Flair says "To be the Quadruple A Champ you have to beat the Quadruple A Champ". Until someone knocks the Renegades off they own the #4 hole. Under the same logic until Little Rock beats an AL team in the World Series I can't pull the trigger on putting them higher than 4. This year the team wasn't as deep as previous seasons and the win total reflects that. However, Timf was smart enough to sacrifice depth where it won't hurt in the playoffs (SP5, Long A etc).

3. Washington- Last Rank : 5 First Rank: 3 Record: 97-65

Hineiii believes that the Power Ranks are cursed overall, I am atleast convinced that the 3rd spot is haunted. After Washington was named to the 3 hole early in the year they started out slow having to battle Columbos to retake the divison. In the 2nd update the "ghosts" were removed and Washington got hot, while Louisville was befell by some very unfriendly ghosts. For this update Washington secured the 2nd AL bye and gets to avoid SF and KC until the ALCS. Put all those things together they are the #3 seed. Well those things and the fact that Washington is a damn good team :)

2. Kansas City- Last Rank: 2 First Rank: 2 Record:105-57

KC was SOOOO close to unseating the defending champs SF for the divison crown. The Comets gave SF everything they could handle and for the first time in years the Night Demons didn't have their feet up and cooled for years. The positives for KC was they set a franchise record for wins last year with 95 and upped the record a full 10 games in 1 season. The negative for KC, despite the 2nd best record in ALL of Hunter they are the 5 seed in the AL and would have to play SF in the 2nd round. In my opinion KC and SF are the two best teams so we might be having the WS in the ALDS.

1. San Fransisco- Last Rank: 1 First Rank: 1 Record: 106-56

I am not sure how many of you have watched the Wire but I have a feeling that an Omar line is going to sum up the Night Demons season "If your going to come at the best not miss". Despite haymakers from KC the champ wouldn't go down and now they get the bye to rest their players. SF is the best team on paper and by their record they are the best team on the field too. Had KC stole the divison it would have significantly decreased the odds of a repeat, as every 5 game series you have to play is little better than a coin flip. I've convinced the champ will come out of the top 3 and my money would be on SF

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Final Power Ranks (6-10)

Below is a "quick" end of season power ranks

10. Minnesota- Previous Rank (8), First Rank (9) Record: 88-72

After just missing the playoffs last season Stazrunner takes home the AL North title and makes his first playoff appearance in second Hunter season. As predicted in the last power rankings Minny put the divison to bed relatively early and should have a fresh team that's ready for the unenviable challenge of having to try and knock off either SF or KC in the 1st round.

9. Las Vegas- Previous Rank (6), First Rank (7) Record: 94-64

At one point this season it looked like Las Vegas was destined for a bye but unfortunately for the Sinatras they were leap frogged by Little Rock, Philly and now Baltimore in the NL. As mentioned previously Iain had a busy off-season and those off-season improvements have added atleast 4 wins to their total (90 wins last year). The difference between the 3 seed and the 4 seed in the NL is barely perceptible since Seattle and LA are similarly talented. The same cannot be said in the AL, with no offense to Atlanta, avoiding KC/SF in the 1st round was a huge carrot for the AL 3-seed.

8. Atlanta- Previous Rank (NR), First Rank (NR) Record: 88-72

Below is a direct quote from the owner himself " Still can't figure out how trading Bob Creek, Brian Burnett, Josh Mays, and Virgil Kraemer results in a net increase in wins. Really bizarre season. Will say my team defense was top notch. That helped." As a fellow AL South owner I can't figure it out either, I will admit in the pre-season I saw Atl go into rebuild mode and breathed a sign of relief figuring I'd cruise to the divison title......well I'll win the divison but the only place where my rocky season would qualify as cruising is off the coast of Italy, where capsizing cruise ships are on the menu. Louisville-Atlanta are destined for an AL South cage match in the first round.

7. Baltimore- Previous Rank (8), First Rank (NR) Record: 95-65

The Baydogs keep rising, it looks like it will come down to the last game of the season but they are in the cat bird seat for the 3-seed in Quadruple A.....ummm.....I mean the NL......this is akward :). As I mentioned earlier I have a soft spot for the Baltimore franchise and would like to tip my cap to Duff, for his first 90 win season in Hunter & improving the Baydog record win total by atleast 8 games.

6. Louisville- Previous Rank (3), First Rank (5) Record: 92-68

This has been the weirdest season I've ever experienced in Hunter. The injury bug hit hard in Slugger country this year. Losing Wendall Kinkade & Timothey Ducey for the season early in the year (combined 3 Cy Youngs), however the team absorbed their losses without much issue. Less than 30 games ago it still appeared LOU would take the 2-seed, but the loss of 5th starter Tim Larkin seemed to be the straw that broke the camels back, his loss for the season through the team into a tail spin. Things got so bad on the injury front, I had two "plug" pitchers go on the DL that I had to sign guys at the end of the year to be able to rest my starters. Then all of a sudden the Sluggers are riding high going into the playoffs (7 straight wins), I don't know what to make of this team. As the owner I am clinging to hope based on two things 1. We have the 3rd highest exp. Win % in the entire world (behind KC & SF) 2. IF we can get there Wendall Kinkade should be able to return in round 2.

Post Script: At this point I would like to give a big sloppy man kiss to Flip McCall the only one of my big 3 to stay injury free for going 18-0 with a AL leading 2.55 ERA, he likely single handedly saved not only the divison title but the Slugger playoff streak.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Meet Shmish 2.0

1. Why did you join Hunter?

Wolfhound, an original Hunter owner who has since left, is a good friend of mine and wouldn't stop raving about the game and the league. (COMMISH EDIT: We will convince him to come back eventually, he had tentatively agreed after davisbrian backed out) I eventually joined in season 6, and have been hooked ever since.

2. What is your favorite aspect of Hunter?

Hunter's been in the one and only league I've participated in, and I really enjoy the friendly competition, the banter and the blog. (COMMISH EDIT: So I guess that makes Hunter his highschool sweetheart, don't you ever cheat on us)

MTO Follow-up?

I know David Reyes was your favorite player, but how does it feel to see him bounce around multiple organizations?

It hasn't been easy, but I stand by my decision to trade him and rebuild, as the core of my team was aging. He was the central figure on a team that went to 7 straight league championships, so as far as I'm concerned, his stint here was extremely successful. I'm still a fan wherever he plays, I keep track of his stats pretty regularly. Ultimately I know he'll be wearing the SLC cap when he enters the Hall, so there's some satisfaction in that. And I would not rule out a homecoming somewhere down the line!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meet Greeny 2.0

1. Why did you join Hunter?

1. I joined it last season when you guys had like what 12 openings something like that? And it was all over the forums. I thought it was pretty crazy. But Jahu I believe took over as commish right? (COMMISH EDIT: Correct) And he started a new recruitment theme and promised free hookers (COMMISH EDIT: Desparate times called for desparate measures) for anybody that stayed 5 seasons, and "improved" their team. Though, Im guessing his judgement of what is improved might be a little hard to define eh? :)

2. What is your favorite aspect of Hunter?

2. I love all the trading. Lots of trade happy owners here. And Ive made a few myself that I think were very good for me. Good for the other owners too, but REAL good for me! :)

MTO Follow-up?

Where does Greeny call home?

Greeny calls Sherbrooke, Quebec home.

How do you think your team will fair this season?

I hope that it will do better this season. I think with the acquisition of Joshua Mays I know I will be better. Because I havent lost any MLers of consequence. I will have really good money for IFAs again this season, so I hope to get one of the top 2 or 3 IFAs again, so I can say for a fact that the Iowa franchise will definately be a team to reckon with over the next couple of seasons. Smart trading, and smart drafting, the hallmarks of this Canuck! :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Meet Peteskin

Name & Family Status: My Name is David, I have 2 Children Girl 22 Boy 17 and a Grand Daughter 3, I am 43 years old Was Married for almost 20 years but that ended 5 years ago.

I have worked at the local Newspaper for 21 Years, I have played Fantasy Baseball going on 22 years now when the internet frist came out and I played Baseball Manager and this season is the 22 season that's 22 real years lol. (COMMISH EDIT: Back when stats were chiselled into pieces of rock)

Favorite HBD Moment:

I don't really have a fav moment in HBD I just love that games and like to take over teams and do my best to turn them around, I have only been in one league where I have played every season, But if I get a chance to join a New League from season 1 I would stay there til no one wanted to keep the league going.

Favorite Sports Teams: Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, Michigan Football and Basketball. (COMMISH EDIT: Let me guess are you from Michigan? )

Here you go edit or cut put what you need to (COMMISH EDIT: This is the first time I've been given permission, previously I've just hijacked others posts),

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Power Ranks (Mid-Season) 1-5

5. Washington- Last Rank (3) Current Record (71-51)

Despite Lets_trys protests Washington squeaks into the top 5, although they do slide 2 spots from the prior ranking. Washington has been in a dog fight all season with upstart Columbus and finally reeled them in. The majority of the hitting core that took home the title in S18 is still in tact while the pitching staff has been "updated". The peripheral players aren't quite as strong as the Championship team but they are still a scary proposition to face in the playoffs

4. Little Rock- Last Rank (6) Current Record (76-46)

While I'm sure Timf will think this ranking is too low, I have the Renegades once again pegged as the top NL team. All the teams in front of Timf are AL squads and Little Rock has had several opportunities to prove they are better than the best AL teams and has come up short (0-4). Once again the ML roster is impressive, however the minor league cupboard as been getting barer and barer. The Buffalo Bills are going to strike very soon if they want to lose the Bridesmaid stigma

3. Louisville- Last Rank (5) Current Record (73-50)

I know it's odd to have a team move up 2 spots in the rankings despite losing two Cy Young Award winners for the season (Kinkade & Ducey), however a mid-season trade with Pawtucket filled the Ducey role (Bo Gragg). Perhaps more importantly the last remaining SP of Louisville's big 3 has decided to put the team on his back. Flip McCall a 4-time Cy Young finalist has decided to get a trophy of his own going (15-0 2.64 ERA). Louisville is poised to take the 2-seed (granted Atl & Wash are pushing hard), and Kinkade would be back in time for the 2nd round

2. Kansas City- Last Rank (2) Current Record (77-45)

Like I said at the start of the Powerranks my original rankings were pretty accurate. No team moved up more than 2 spots and 8 of the 10 teams did not change. Continuing with that theme the top 2 does not change. KC has got to be the most unlucky team in Hunter, despite having the 2nd best record in the entire world they are currently slotted at the 5th seed in AL. Ptwoner has pushed SF harder than any other team ever has and for the first time in a long time Bjb may not be able to rest his starters down the stretch. It's tough to find a new narrative for a team that performed as expected. Speaking as a fellow AL owner, I want to avoid KC as long as possible.

1. San Fransisco- Last Rank (1) Current Record (79-43)

The more things change the more things stay the same. We've had an influx of new owners & a lot of new faces pushing there way into the playoffs but the number 1 spot stays unchanged. Early in the year it looked like KC or perhaps even pre-injury Louisville was going to take a run at the top spot but the King would not advocate his throne. The defending champ lost his best SP to FA (David Reyes) and the team still has improved it's winning percentage 12 points. The only silver lining on the entire season for fellow AL owners is the Reyes departure should sting a little more come playoff time when All teams put there 4th and 5th starters away (Or perhaps I'm just rationalizing)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Power Ranks (Mid-Season) 6-10

My early season power ranks are perhaps my finest work yet (do you hear that? that's the sound of me patting my own back). Overall despite 100+ games being played the ranking changes are small and nuanced. 8 of the 10 teams from the original rankings crack the top 10 again and among the 8 returning teams moves weren't too drastic.

10. Seattle- Last Rank (NR) Current Record: 69-51

Seattle is one of the two new comers in the list and barely nipped out Columbus for the 10 spot. The reason that I gave Seattle the nod was the two franchises are currently headed in opposite directions. Seattle has gotten hot since the All-Star break (19-9) and very hot in the last 10 (8-2). Seattle has a strong recent tradition of winning having not missed the playoffs since S16. Lead by Q. Gibson & Z. Santelgelo the Sasquatches can pile on runs. Columbus' recent cold spell and the loss of mid-season trade acquisition L. Harper pushed the Blue Claws to the waiting room with Atlanta & LA

9. Minnesota- Last Rank (8) Current Record 64-56

Last year Stazrunner was the tough luck champ, just missing the playoffs despite winning almost 90 games and finishing 3rd in a very difficult division. This year he's got the lucky breaks crown as the AL North has gone from one of the strongest divisons to one of the weakest. Dcinto tore down Cincy but unlike the Kings Men he's done a fantastic job putting Humpty back to together again (61-59) and last year's dark horse and Powerrank whipping Boy Pawtucket has crashed back down to Earth. All of the above said Minny slips a spot from the last rankings but has the best team in the division and should put the division crown on ice with games left to play allowing him to set-up his and rotation for the playoffs

8. Baltimore- Last Rank (NR) Current Record 70-50

I have to admit I have a soft spot for the Baydogs, I love the fact that Duff stuck with a team that took a long time to find it's way. I greatly respect the perseverance. I almost put them 10 in my original ranks but got gun shy at the last second. It's obvious that they have proved me wrong. It took 19 seasons for their first playoff appearance but the Baydogs seem locked for the 4th straight year despite losing their starting SS for the season and James Sinclair #2 on the Saves list being released. I think this was the saddest day in Baltimore since Rich Peters retired, Duff claims that his office was dusty and it wasn't a single tear rolling down his cheek when I called for commet :)

7. Philadephia- Last Rank (9) Current Record 72-58

The Phillies move up 2 spots and likely would have been in the next installment (1-5) if not for a recent slide and Seattle surge. Philly has stumbled to a (1-9) record in the last 10 which has allowed Seattle to cut a 10 deficit down to 3 games. Despite the recent streak I believe that Philly is better than recent record indicates and with R. Santiago (15-4, 2.51 ERA) at the top of their rotation they will be a tough out in any playoff series. As a former P. Earley owner I've been watching his transition to the NL closely and am not surprised at all with his success with the bat but am astonished that he's been able to play CF all season with only three negative plays. Part of me thinks that if Philly falls in the post-season, a 2 base error off the glove of Earley might play a key factor

6. Las Vegas- Last Rank (7) Current Record 71-49

So Iain inherits this team from Bigtex brother Redraider and guides the team to a 90W season taking over about 100 games in. Then in the off-season he decides he really doesn't like his 90W team all that much and makes SIX significant deals to bring in E. Alacorn from divison rival LA, picks up V. Evans & L. Felix to further improve his lineup. Once he's done with the middle of his order he moves to the bullpen can completely remakes it with the addition of G. Carson, S. Cruz & L. Campos. I'm not mathematician but last year LV had a win % of .555 and this year they have a win % of .591,........ let me punch this into my calculator......... carry the zero........... Yep that's better. So it's clear that Iain's moves have paid dividends and have him moving up 1 spot in the rankings

Monday, March 26, 2012

Meet Jceffali 2.0

22 marks Jceffali's 2nd year in the league

1. Why did you join Hunter?
1. I joined Hunter because it had been a while since I rebuilt a team. I've been playing HD a long time and had two teams that were both more-or-less on autopilot, so time for a challenge. I also wanted to support the idea of solid owners shoring up an old league that had fallen on tough times. I liked the creativity with the Rule 5 last year (COMMISH EDIT: Once again thanks to all the world vets that agreed to participate), and even found myself a nice CF.

2. What is your favorite aspect of Hunter?

2. I've enjoyed the other guys in the league and the excellent blog.

How do you feel about your team with one completed season under your belt?

3. The Browns, still have a long road to competitiveness. Last year my goal was to put a respectable major league team on the field while building the minors. It was a challenge because I thought it was a very shallow draft and IFA pool. But still, progress was made and the system is starting to look better. I also transitioned the team from a huge overload of 1B/DH/LF types at ML and AAA into a more balanced organization. Patience!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lets_Try 2.0

1. Why did you join Hunter?

1. Was playing WIS Simleagues at the time and jumped on the first available HD Dynasty world, which was Hunter. I plan on doing the same when they introduce Hockey Dynasty, if ever they do. (COMMISH EDIT: I should have also asked why you rejoined Hunter, as Lets has a gap in his Hunter service record)

2. What is your favorite aspect of Hunter?
2. The competiveness of the league, it's very difficult to win in Hunter.

MTO Follow-up?

Having left Hunter & returned, what is is like when you play your old team (now Pawtucket)? Also knowing Cox will have a P on his hat when he goes into the HOF, any mixed emotions?

I have no particular feelings when I play Pawtucket because when I came back, most of his players weren't those I had when I left. No mixed emotion on Braden Cox either. He was the first player I cared about, and was in my organization from the get-go. I'm also the last owner who employed him (with Phily this time). But when I came back, my motivation was to build a solid team with what I had at the time. And now, I have a big 4 (Webster, Gonzales, Tomko & Paronto) !

Monday, March 19, 2012

Meet Iain 2.0

Iain enters his first full season in Hunter after joining the league as a replacement owner in S21

1. Why did you join Hunter?

1. Because I'm a sucker for someone "fighting the good fight" and promised to help out, only to have life get in the way at the moment of truth. Given the chance to help again, I couldn't say no. (COMMISH EDIT: Iain agreed to join Hunter last year when we had 15 opens spots with the caveat that his child needed to be born before we rolled. The kid kept him out of the league originally but we figured out a way to bring him in)

2. Favoirte Aspect of Hunter

2. So far, it's the incredibly active trade market. Gave me a chance to improve what I thought were some weak spots in what was otherwise a strong team, and gave me a very quick sense of ownership. Being my new earliest simming world is pretty great, too! (COMMISH EDIT: The early sim is one of the vastly underated aspects of Hunter)

Follow-up questions ?

I know you recently became a new dad, has that helped or hindered your HBD skills? Do you feel late night feedings make you more competitive during FA signing?

F/u: (COMMISH EDIT: I had figured out by now that this stood for followup and not #$% you)
I really can't pretend that lack of sleep is "helping" anything in my life. (COMMISH EDIT: As a fellow now parent, I concur)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Meet bjb

Bjb is a charter member of Hunter

1. Why did you join Hunter?

I joined all the way back in Season 1 -- it was an open league. But, it has always been one of my favorite leagues.

2. What is your favorite aspect of Hunter?

With the exception of one departed owner (COMMISH EDIT: If I had to guess I think your refering to..............Radek?), the league has always been very civil and respectful. My 4 WS titles only further endear the league to me. (COMMISH EDIT: I need two more titles to catch up)

MTO Follow-up?

A startling revelations last year was that Djbradford was Bjb's dad. With that in mind was Dj's move to the NL discussed over Christmas as a diabolical way for the family to conquer both halves of the Hunter Universe?

Actually, I think that the young core of the Night Demons scared DJ to the NL. He wanted to avoid us until the World Series if at all possible. (COMMISH EDIT: You are stuck with the Sluggers in the AL, regardless of how scary your team looks)