Sunday, September 30, 2012

Power Ranks: Mid-Season (1-5)

1. Kansas City: Previous Rank (1)

The #1 team in the pre-season is still the #1 team at the 2/3 mark. Kansas City has the best record in Hunter and sits 3 games clear of San Fran in the AL West. The Comets have been streaking all-season having scored 50 more runs than their closest competition.  It would be one thing of they were all hit but no pitch but they also own the 7th best world ERA.

I glad Pt stuck around because he is a great owner....... although it certainly hurt Louisvilles chance's at a title defense

2. San Fransisco: Previous Rank (2)

The Night Demons are probably facing the most serious threat to their division title since S12. That said they are still the 2nd best team in Hunter. I am very glad I'm not a member of the AL West.

Bjb's boys boast the world's best ERA and the 3rd best offense and 3rd best defense....... yeah they are good at EVERYTHING.  The only solace the rest of the AL can take is given KC and SF dominance with the way the seeding works they will play prior to the ALCS.

3. Louisville: Previous Rank (3)

Well thus far, things have been pretty consistent. I am happy with the title defense that my team has put together, barring a collaspse the Sluggers should claim the #2 seed and avoid SF and KC until the ALCS.

The Sluggers are living up to their moniker with the 2nd most runs, 2nd best defense & 4th best team's a little disheartening to have that level of success and have to look in the mirror and say "You only deserve a bronze"

4. Salt Lake City: Previous Rank (4)

Trust me, a shake up is coming soon, I do eventually change the order. I don't want you to think because I was under the gun time-wise I just reposted the same power ranks :)

Salt Lake City last year's NL World Series Rep is once again the class of the NL. 67 Wins puts the Mormans 3 wins clear of the 2nd best NL team and gives them the 4th best record in Hunter. I joked in the first power ranks that last season was Step #1 in their rebuilding plan and they made the World Series. I'm still worried about Step #2

5. New Orleans: Previous Rank (7)

At the start of the season I stated I thought New Orleans had the best rotation outside of SF, KC & Lou. I still believe that statement and the numbers come close to bearing it out (NO is 6th in ERA). I also like the moxie of BigTex. He put me on notice before the first Power Ranks not to overlook his roster.

I thought I was giving NO a strong ranking given the 12 year playoff drought, obviously I needed to be more aggressive with my ranking

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