Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Studdabubbas Sign Lary

Nov. 22, 2012—The Pittsburgh Press
19 seasons ago, the Pittsburgh Studdabubbas drafted SP Quentin Lary with the 28th pick of the amateur draft. He looked like quite a steal for the young franchise. Two years later, ownership traded him for some players nobody can remember in an attempt to boost their ML squad to a championship. That didn't happen. But since then, Lary has gone on to pitch 16 seasons in the Big Leagues, mostly in San Francisco, with a record of 233-81 and a career WHIP of 1.15. Not to mention a couple of Cy Young Awards, 9 All-Star invites, and two World Series rings.

This was one of the biggest blunders in Pittsburgh baseball history (and that's no small feat) and they never seem to hear the end of it. Ownership has publicly admitted in the past that they root against Lary and wish him the very worst (as if he asked for a trade). This makes what happened in free agency in season 25 all the more interesting.

Quentin Lary
Age: 37B/T: L/L
Born: Franklin, OH
Position(s): P (SuB)
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The Studdabubbas have resigned 37-year-old Quentin Lary for $6M. Your initial thought was probably that the Studdabubbas have softened in their hatred of Lary but, reports say, that is not true. Sure, they gave him a lot of money, but Studdabubba brass doesn't want him to succeed. They just want him to go away. Think about it. If you wanted to really stick it to a pitcher, what franchise would you choose for him? Yes, the Pittsburgh Studdabubbas.

Ask two time world champion Piper Torres how his time in Pittsburgh went. After a mediocre 6-7 season 23 in Pittsburgh, he imploded in season 24. After 3 lousy games he blew out his elbow and missed the rest of the season. And he isn't the only one. Here are some other All-Star pitchers who fell to the Studdabubbas curse with major arm injuries in the last 5 seasons: Lefty Riske, Cole Rossy, Artie Bordick, and Vin Franco.

The Studdabubbas have recently been averaging over one season-ending pitching injury each year. Will the very bitter Studdabubbas finally be able to put and end to Quentin Lary? We can only hope.

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