Monday, December 10, 2012

Meet the Owner: Raiderzman33

 This marks Raiderzman33's first year in Hunter. He has over 5400 games of HBD experience with 2 World Series Titles & a career .526 win %

Name: Frankie  - Married

Age: 37

Job: Finance Manager for Toyota Financial

Location: Oklahoma

Favorite HBD:  Being accepted as a beta tester and winning my first title with the Louisville Sluggers in Ruth.

COMMISH EDIT: I don't even know where to start with this one. It's unclear of #1 & #2 happened in the same season but if they did that would mean Raiderzman33, is the WS winner in HBD history. If #1 & #2 didn't happen in the same year, he's still the only HBD Beta Tester that I'm aware of in Hunter. I can only imagine what type of Wild West the original season of Ruth was before anyone knew what they were doing

Favorite Teams: Oakland Raiders, Houston Astros and Oklahoma City Thunder

COMMISH EDIT: Oakland had to be a dark horse to be his favorite football team given his location and other two selections

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