Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Power Ranks (1-5) Mid- Season

1. Kansas City,  Previous Rank:  (3)

I am going to be right eventually, KC team is too good not to eventually get the best of SF. Right now, I'm sure Ptowner must feel like Wile E. Coyote when it comes to the divison title. KC sits one game back of SF for the best record in Hunter and has the highest exp. win % (albeit all AL teams are skewed due to the Minnesota debacle)

2. San Fransisco,  PR (2)

Most wins in Hunter, ho-hum just another day in the hilly streets of SF. As I've stated in several power ranks the road to a title almost always goes through Hunter. In the first post of the season I mentioned the key defections from the Night Demons in the off-season, I also then mentioned it wouldn't matter because SF has one of the world's top farm system. Looks like I was correct

3. Salt Lake City,  PR (1)

I will admit this rank is a tip of the cap to the defending champ, had SLC not won the title last season the Mormans may have been attempting to convert teams (6-10) in the power ranks. Although currently 2nd in their divison they do boast the 2nd highest exp win % in the NL, which points to a bit of bad luck thus far

4. New Orleans, PR (4)

Great team off to a great start and if it were not for the Defending Champ respect likely would have jumped up to 3rd and been the highest NL team in the power ranks. As New Orleans is the only team in the NL with a higher exp. Win % than SLC. We are a couple seasons removed from a truly dominant NL team (Little Rock), however New Orleans is best positioned talent wise to take that mantle

5. St. Louis, PR (8)

I've been staring at the Browns in my  rearview mirror for a few seasons now wondering when they would blow past me........turns out it was S25. With huge pre-season acquisition K. Lawerence and equally large mid-season acquisition G. Sanchez, St. Louis has put the AL old guard on notice (SF, KC & Lou)

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