Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Power Ranks (6-10)- Mid Season

6. Louisville, PR (5)

The S24 champs have gotten old quick, this season could be viewed as a changing of the guard in the Louisville organization. The GM has tried to stem the tides of change with a few medium to large mid-season moves. To bolster the rotation & bullpen the Sluggers traded for Q. Lary  & Z. Carroll. To fill a hole created by a large injury A. Montanez was acquired for one last playoff drive and promptly got hurt 5 games in.

As mentioned this season was a changing of the guard and I'll like to pour some of my drink out for H. Frederick (2nd All-time Saves), languishing at AAA & Skip Haynes who was released but has picked up with NB in the NL. We wish both players the best

7. Philadelphia (9)

I know Hineiii palms get sweaty everytime I move him up in the rankings. I am sure he has a jahu43 pin cushion reserved for days like today.

The best way to describe Philly is they are a professional organization with no major weaknesses across the roster, however one thing time has done is start to rob some of the organization's formally elite talent of their elite skills. P. Earley, B. Dirks & R. Santiago are still very good players but no longer the Superstars they were in their prime.

8. Tacoma (HM)

Tacoma jumps into the Power Ranks for the first time this season. The Narrows hold the largest division lead in all of Hunter at 9 games, which is a shame as Csher himself had admitted. Over the past few seasons Tacoma-Minny had put together a strong rivalry. Now I think Tacoma had better take advantage of his one year reprieve because I believe Wildpike will have Minny back in his rear view next season

9. Cleveland (7)

Despite a strong start Cleveland slips two spots mostly due to the gains made in St. Louis & Tacoma. The glut of off-season additions have paid dividends as the Moosedawgs are currently on pace for a 92W which would be a Cleveland record. I am glad to see that former Louisville Slugger G. Turner is off to a good start in the closer role

10. L.A.  (NR)

The last spot in the rankings was the most difficult to select. Randy's history of success and team talent level gives him the nod for the final spot. It wouldn't surprise me to see 2-3 honorable mentions jump up into the top 10 for the final rankings

Honourable Mention:

Norfolk, Washington & New Britain

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