Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pre-Season Power Ranks (6-10)

6. Pittsburgh

From a record standpoint the Stubbabuddas were the 3rd best team in the NL. In the off-season Dizz made it clear that simply wasn't good enough signing three type A FA. Q. Lary, 9-Time All-Star, 2-Time Cy Young winner and 2-time WS winner, while he's slightly past his prime he's still an elite talent. Not satisfied with going to the SF cupboard just once Dizz double double by signing All-Star 3b V. Cueto. Finally, the 3rd signing (A. Moreneo) put Pittsburgh in a foriegn position of having TOO much SP. This year's team is likely the best in Pittsburgh history and it wouldn't surprise me to see them move up in the mid-season ranks

7. Cleveland

Much like Pittsburgh Clevelend went on a FA frenzy signing 3 type A FA and 2 type B FA, the biggest moves came in the bullpen with the addition of G.Turner, W. Guerreo & J. Estrella, the trio will form one of the best Set A combinations in the league. The Rockydawgs also shored up their INF signing J. Morgan at SS & V. Nuez at 3b. Those 5 additions to a team that won 77 games will likely put Cleveland in 90+ win territory for the first time in the franchise history

COMMISH EDIT: Why is it that everytime I have a type A FA it has to get signed by the team that already signed too others GRRRRRRRR. Stupid G. Turner. 

8. St. Louis

Ever since Jceffali joined the league I've known this season would come. St. Louis has been quietly stock piling a glut of young talent and has been slowly progressing in terms of wins 67, 71, 79, 84.......and I don't see them stopping there. The trade for K. Lawerence was a clear indicator to the rest of the AL South that Jceffali feels he's team's ready to compete for the division crown

9. Philadelphia

Since joining the league Hineiii has never missed the playoffs and I don't see this being the first time. Philly, big FA signings have started to get older but they still represent very good talents. The core should be enough to make it 5 straight in the post season

10. Richmond

The third AL South to make the list. Richmond finished 2nd in the AL South last year and then made an unexpected run to the ALCS. The Smokies return much of the same roster and will make the AL South, the most hotly contested division in baseball.

Honorable Mention:

Tacoma, Atlanta, Jacksonville

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