Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meet the Owner w8tilnxtyr

W8tilnxtyr is a new owner to HBD with 3 partial seasons under his belt

Name/Marital Status: SEAN/married

Age: 47

Job: Environmental Specialist 2 (Ohio EPA - State of Ohio) -

Location: Columbus, Ohio   COMMISH EDIT: Columbus is one of my favorite random cities. As a Canadian I'm sure Columbus is in an uproar over the Rich Nash trade........crickets?

Favorite HBD Moment: Finishing my very first season (Pioneer League) 72-90, third place...NOT LOSING 100 GAMES! ;-)  COMMISH EDIT: If you go through your HBD career and never lose 100 games you'll have a very successful career

Favorite sports teams: Originally from Cleveland, so I'm a huge Cleveland sports fan...I guess you can call it a "genetic disorder"! Ha! Favorite teams...Indians, Browns, Cavaliers COMMISH EDIT: Being a Cleveland fan has got to be the toughest in all of sports fandom

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