Friday, July 13, 2012

Meet Bobbyj7

Bobbyj7 joined Hunter as a replacement after Greeny advised he would not be returning next season. To Greeny's credit he gave up his team early so that the new owner could put their stamp on the franchise before the season is over

Name: Bob

Age: Gettin up there. 

Job: Software development. COMMISH EDIT: He probably has the cheat codes for HBD from the WIS know professional courtesy

Family Status: Married

Location: Minnesota COMMISH EDIT: Wild fan?? If so what do you think of deals lasting 26 years for a combined value of 196M? Interested in a local take

Favorite HBD moment: Past two seasons in PineTar- winning my first championship.

Favorite Sports Teams: 70s A's & Vikings. 80s Orioles & Cubs.

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