Friday, July 20, 2012

MTO Dawiseguy

Dawiseguy joined Hunter in S23 as a replacement for Iain

Age: 26 (COMMISH EDIT: Might be the youngest member of Hunter, I know we have a few in the 28-30 year old group)

Job:  professional wrestler professional gambler (COMMISH EDIT: Well if he's not the youngest, he hands down has the most interesting job in Hunter)

Location:  fresno california

Favorite moment: just learning the game. havent really had a favorite moment yet. but hopefully this will be my first playoff team. even though i took it over. i have a wost moment though. picking top 3 in one league with 18 million in college and hs scouting budgets. I didnt see 7 of the top 10 projected picks.

Favorite sports teams: 49ers and giants.

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