Thursday, July 5, 2012

Power Ranks (1-5)- Midseason

 5. Louisville Sluggers: Last Rank (10), Record (73-55)

HOMER PICK ALERT!!!!!!!! During the first power ranks I slipped Louisville into the back end of the top 10, despite their slow start, since then my team has racked up the best record in the AL for a team not based in KC or SF. The Sluggers are currently tied for the 3rd seed, but are only 2 games away from missing the playoffs, that's how tight the AL race is. The reason the Sluggers got the nod for the top 5 over some NL teams with better records is the Sluggers have the 3rd best exp. win % in the world.

4. Salt Lake City: Last Rank (4), Record (78-50)

In the original power rankings the Mormons burst on the scene trying to convert everyone into believers. Given the aggressive rank that I gave SLC it's clear I bought into the "Book of Mormons" as interpreted by Shmish.  The Mormons will be especially dangerous in the post season given Dennis Cheng their ace his 14-5 record and 2.42 ERA.

3. Little Rock : Last Rank (1), Record (72-56)

Last year's champ stumbles a little bit from 1 to 3 in the power ranks. Currently Little Rock boasts the 5th best record in the NL but stays in the top 3 on the backs to two very important points. #1 Timf gets to see the World Series Trophy on his team page every time he signs in. #2 The Renegades have the highest exp. win % in the entire NL. 

2. Kansas City: Last Rank (3), Record (83-42)

As the saying goes it's Deja vu all over again, below is what I wrote about KC during last season, I'm not sure if I'd change anything that I wrote in the summary

"KC has got to be the most unlucky team in Hunter, despite having the 2nd best record in the entire world they are currently slotted at the 5th seed in AL. Ptwoner has pushed SF harder than any other team ever has and for the first time in a long time Bjb may not be able to rest his starters down the stretch. It's tough to find a new narrative for a team that performed as expected. Speaking as a fellow AL owner, I want to avoid KC as long as possible."

I will add one new fact that is sure to give fellow AL teams "shivers", at .664 Win % KC is actually underperforming compared to their expected win % of .700

1. San Francisco:    Last Rank (2), Record (89-36)
 It did not take long for Bjb to return to the number #1 spot. In the first batch of power ranks Little Rock ascended to number #1 as a tip of the cap to the defending champ but the Night Demons have been too dominant to hold off. San Fransico holds the best record in Hunter by 6 games and leads in the world in runs scored and expected winning %. All of that leads to a return to the power ranks throne

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