Monday, April 2, 2012

Meet Peteskin

Name & Family Status: My Name is David, I have 2 Children Girl 22 Boy 17 and a Grand Daughter 3, I am 43 years old Was Married for almost 20 years but that ended 5 years ago.

I have worked at the local Newspaper for 21 Years, I have played Fantasy Baseball going on 22 years now when the internet frist came out and I played Baseball Manager and this season is the 22 season that's 22 real years lol. (COMMISH EDIT: Back when stats were chiselled into pieces of rock)

Favorite HBD Moment:

I don't really have a fav moment in HBD I just love that games and like to take over teams and do my best to turn them around, I have only been in one league where I have played every season, But if I get a chance to join a New League from season 1 I would stay there til no one wanted to keep the league going.

Favorite Sports Teams: Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, Michigan Football and Basketball. (COMMISH EDIT: Let me guess are you from Michigan? )

Here you go edit or cut put what you need to (COMMISH EDIT: This is the first time I've been given permission, previously I've just hijacked others posts),

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