Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meet jsturgis5866

S23 markst Jsturgis5866 first season in Hunter, however he is anything but a rookie with over 6000+ career wins and 2 WS titles on his HBD resume

Name: Jack

Age: 55

Location: Massachusetts, USA

Favorite Teams: New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox .. Bruins .. Celtics COMMISH EDIT: I knew there was a reason I liked this guy, he's got fantastic taste in Hockey teams.......the other teams not so much.......but really FANTASTIC taste in hockey teams. It's coming to an end soon, but the Bruins are still the champs......technically

Favorite HBD moment is tough. All my fond memories are people-related but no "moments," as such. I guess i'd choose my first WS title in World Boston Tea Party, Columbus Westward Migration sweeps three playoff series, going 11-0 after previous postseason disappointments.

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