Saturday, May 26, 2012

Power Ranks Update #1: 6-10

10. Louisville Sluggers: Record (8-12)

Since I started doing the power ranks this is the lowest I've had my own team and I am still trying to figure my team out this season. The only major defection was trading 1b R. Boyd away to make room for D. Giavotella and his 40HR power. The Sluggers lead Hunter in team OPS last season and was in last as recently as 5 games ago, however the bats are starting to come alive and hopefully the rest of the team will come around.

9. Boise Taters (15-5)

It would be unfair not to include the team with the best record in all of Hunter. I believe thta jbburner has made several strong moves to improved his organization however, I think it will still be another 1-2 seasons before he reaps "playoff" fruits for his labour in the field. That said, this spot is a tip of a cap to a great start to the season.

8. Charlotte (14-6)

Aaronwayne has been putting the building blocks in place for a great Hunter season since S17. Last year was step #1, 86-76. The next big step was the off-season acquistion E. Alacorn, who has added an MVP level bat to the middle of the Charlotte order. Given the start to the season it appears that Alacron might be the yeast needed to allow Charlotte bread to rise. Although the bread smells good I wish it was baking in a divison other than my own

7. Washington (10-10)

Off to a slowish start, Washington has been one of the consistent elite teams in Hunter, having average more than 100Ws over the last 4 seasons. The biggest off-season loss was Rich Williams who will be discussed later and the biggest pick-up was Luis Mercardo, looking at these moves neither the loss nor the gain are "difference makers", and if we can learn from history come game 162, Washington will have 100W and either the #2 or 3 seed.

6. Phildephia: Record (12-8)

I am not sure how Hineiii will recieve this ranking, as he's been the biggest proponent of the "Power Ranking Curse". This team was the #2 seed in the NL, but had it's title hopes derailed with an injury to R. Santiago. The 7-time Cy Young award winner returns healthly for the season and is joined by big off-season acquistions Bob Creek. That gives Phildelphia one of the best #1-2 punches in the NL. Looking closer at the Philly roster I have probably done a disservice listing them at #6, I expect to find this team in the top 4 come the next update. Hineiii consider yourself forewarned :)

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