Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Meet Wolfhoundkl

Wolfhoundkl is an original Hunter owner from S1, who went on a short hiatus from S19-22, his original team resided in the AL South and is now St. Louis.

Name: Kristian, living with girlfriend  COMMISH EDIT: Krisitian & the Commish are former Housemates from McMaster University.
Occupation: Lawyer  COMMISH EDIT: In addition to a disporportionate number of Canadians it appears Lawyer is a favorite career in Hunter

Location: Toronto COMMISH EDIT: ANOTHER CANUCK !!!!!! :)

Favorite Teams: Leafs, COMMISH EDIT: No need to insert any joke here Jays, Saints (When I care about the NFL, which is sometimes), Roughriders (When I care about the CFL, which is almost as rare), and Raptors (When I'm not depressed by them, which has been a while)

Favourite HBD moment? That came really early on. I've never been a very successful owner, spending so long buried in the hellish melee of the AL South, but getting Bruce Kaufman up into the majors (Season 4 draftee) and watching him blossom was what ultimately hooked me.

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