Monday, March 19, 2012

Meet Iain 2.0

Iain enters his first full season in Hunter after joining the league as a replacement owner in S21

1. Why did you join Hunter?

1. Because I'm a sucker for someone "fighting the good fight" and promised to help out, only to have life get in the way at the moment of truth. Given the chance to help again, I couldn't say no. (COMMISH EDIT: Iain agreed to join Hunter last year when we had 15 opens spots with the caveat that his child needed to be born before we rolled. The kid kept him out of the league originally but we figured out a way to bring him in)

2. Favoirte Aspect of Hunter

2. So far, it's the incredibly active trade market. Gave me a chance to improve what I thought were some weak spots in what was otherwise a strong team, and gave me a very quick sense of ownership. Being my new earliest simming world is pretty great, too! (COMMISH EDIT: The early sim is one of the vastly underated aspects of Hunter)

Follow-up questions ?

I know you recently became a new dad, has that helped or hindered your HBD skills? Do you feel late night feedings make you more competitive during FA signing?

F/u: (COMMISH EDIT: I had figured out by now that this stood for followup and not #$% you)
I really can't pretend that lack of sleep is "helping" anything in my life. (COMMISH EDIT: As a fellow now parent, I concur)

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