Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Power Ranks (Mid-Season) 6-10

My early season power ranks are perhaps my finest work yet (do you hear that? that's the sound of me patting my own back). Overall despite 100+ games being played the ranking changes are small and nuanced. 8 of the 10 teams from the original rankings crack the top 10 again and among the 8 returning teams moves weren't too drastic.

10. Seattle- Last Rank (NR) Current Record: 69-51

Seattle is one of the two new comers in the list and barely nipped out Columbus for the 10 spot. The reason that I gave Seattle the nod was the two franchises are currently headed in opposite directions. Seattle has gotten hot since the All-Star break (19-9) and very hot in the last 10 (8-2). Seattle has a strong recent tradition of winning having not missed the playoffs since S16. Lead by Q. Gibson & Z. Santelgelo the Sasquatches can pile on runs. Columbus' recent cold spell and the loss of mid-season trade acquisition L. Harper pushed the Blue Claws to the waiting room with Atlanta & LA

9. Minnesota- Last Rank (8) Current Record 64-56

Last year Stazrunner was the tough luck champ, just missing the playoffs despite winning almost 90 games and finishing 3rd in a very difficult division. This year he's got the lucky breaks crown as the AL North has gone from one of the strongest divisons to one of the weakest. Dcinto tore down Cincy but unlike the Kings Men he's done a fantastic job putting Humpty back to together again (61-59) and last year's dark horse and Powerrank whipping Boy Pawtucket has crashed back down to Earth. All of the above said Minny slips a spot from the last rankings but has the best team in the division and should put the division crown on ice with games left to play allowing him to set-up his and rotation for the playoffs

8. Baltimore- Last Rank (NR) Current Record 70-50

I have to admit I have a soft spot for the Baydogs, I love the fact that Duff stuck with a team that took a long time to find it's way. I greatly respect the perseverance. I almost put them 10 in my original ranks but got gun shy at the last second. It's obvious that they have proved me wrong. It took 19 seasons for their first playoff appearance but the Baydogs seem locked for the 4th straight year despite losing their starting SS for the season and James Sinclair #2 on the Saves list being released. I think this was the saddest day in Baltimore since Rich Peters retired, Duff claims that his office was dusty and it wasn't a single tear rolling down his cheek when I called for commet :)

7. Philadephia- Last Rank (9) Current Record 72-58

The Phillies move up 2 spots and likely would have been in the next installment (1-5) if not for a recent slide and Seattle surge. Philly has stumbled to a (1-9) record in the last 10 which has allowed Seattle to cut a 10 deficit down to 3 games. Despite the recent streak I believe that Philly is better than recent record indicates and with R. Santiago (15-4, 2.51 ERA) at the top of their rotation they will be a tough out in any playoff series. As a former P. Earley owner I've been watching his transition to the NL closely and am not surprised at all with his success with the bat but am astonished that he's been able to play CF all season with only three negative plays. Part of me thinks that if Philly falls in the post-season, a 2 base error off the glove of Earley might play a key factor

6. Las Vegas- Last Rank (7) Current Record 71-49

So Iain inherits this team from Bigtex brother Redraider and guides the team to a 90W season taking over about 100 games in. Then in the off-season he decides he really doesn't like his 90W team all that much and makes SIX significant deals to bring in E. Alacorn from divison rival LA, picks up V. Evans & L. Felix to further improve his lineup. Once he's done with the middle of his order he moves to the bullpen can completely remakes it with the addition of G. Carson, S. Cruz & L. Campos. I'm not mathematician but last year LV had a win % of .555 and this year they have a win % of .591,........ let me punch this into my calculator......... carry the zero........... Yep that's better. So it's clear that Iain's moves have paid dividends and have him moving up 1 spot in the rankings

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