Thursday, March 15, 2012

Meet bjb

Bjb is a charter member of Hunter

1. Why did you join Hunter?

I joined all the way back in Season 1 -- it was an open league. But, it has always been one of my favorite leagues.

2. What is your favorite aspect of Hunter?

With the exception of one departed owner (COMMISH EDIT: If I had to guess I think your refering to..............Radek?), the league has always been very civil and respectful. My 4 WS titles only further endear the league to me. (COMMISH EDIT: I need two more titles to catch up)

MTO Follow-up?

A startling revelations last year was that Djbradford was Bjb's dad. With that in mind was Dj's move to the NL discussed over Christmas as a diabolical way for the family to conquer both halves of the Hunter Universe?

Actually, I think that the young core of the Night Demons scared DJ to the NL. He wanted to avoid us until the World Series if at all possible. (COMMISH EDIT: You are stuck with the Sluggers in the AL, regardless of how scary your team looks)

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