Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Minimum Win Requirement (MWR)

First of all I would like to thank every who took the time to provide input on the MWR,I have reviewed all of the feedback I received. Opinions vary greatly on this specific topic, which makes always makes things "fun" for the commissioner. Even for those in favor of the MWR the win totals vary greatly.

Let me be clear I don't think we've ever had a hard tanking issue with Hunter, with the exception of Radek's last season. I believe we have the strongest group of owners that we've ever had in Hunter currently and I take it as a positive sign that so many owners had an opinion on the matter as that means we are engaged in the league. I additionally appreciate that a debate did not blow up in the world chat which could have caused some unnecessary bad will.

With all of the above said starting next season (S23) I will be implementing a very low standard for a MWR. I view a very low MWR as bridge between those owners who want a more stringent one and those who do not want one at all. The MWR can always be reviewed in future seasons. For those who disagree with me on either end of the spectrum please feel free to trade chat me. Hopefully, I've built up enough cache during the last two seasons as commish that the league trusts my judgment.

Minimum Win Requirement:
A team that losses 105 games or more on back to back seasons will come up for Commissioner review

Failing to meet the above does not warrant automatic expulsion, I will review the situation on a case by case basis.

As a league if you see any issue with a specific team (playing players out of position, playing fatigued pitchers, playing Low A caliber guys at the ML) let me know and they will be handled quickly as the situations arise.

I am aware the above is a low bar, a team needs only to win 58 games every 2nd season to jump over it. However, I am not concerned, as I mentioned before I don't believe tanking to be an issue in Hunter.

Look forward to your feedback

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