Sunday, October 21, 2012

Power Ranks End of Season- S24

Quick power ranks to end the season

1. San Fransisco (112-50)  Previous Ranks (2, 2)

The Night Demons are the Michael Myers of Hunter just when you think they might FINALLY lose the divison.........OH MY GOD............he's still alive. KC took an axe to SF's back but it wasn't enough.

2. Kansas City (111-51) Previous Rank (1, 1)

1 win short of the divison title.....2nd best record in ALL of Hunter. One extra round on the road to the WS

3. Louisville (99-63) Previous Rank (3, 3)

Defending Champ. I've said it before I'll say it again, 3rd best team but a pitching staff capable of knocking any team off. Get to avoid KC and SF till ALCS

4. Salt Lake City (101-61) Previous Rank (4, 4)

Top 4 surprisingly consistent. Last year's NL rep and the #1 seed in the NL this season

5. New Orleans (99-62) Previous Rank (5, 7)

Bigtex1 put me on notice that his team was going to be a force and the #2 seed in the NL proved him right

6. Pittsburgh (89-73)  Previous (7, NR)

New Orleans holds the best exp win % in the NL.....SLC is 3rd...... the Stubbadubbas are 2nd. I know that Hunter isn't the only world where Dizz's teams fall short of Exp win %

7. Charlotte (90-72) Previous (NR,NR)

One of the hottest teams in the 2nd half of the season. 4th best record in entire AL.

8. Philadelphia (89-73)  Previous (NR, 5)

Not sure what Hineiii will think of this rank. To start the season I put him 5 and the Phillies started terribly, I left him out of the ranks and they rallied to make the playoffs..... what does 8 mean?

9. Jacksonville (89-73)  Previous Rank (Hourourable Mention, HM)

After two honourable mentions Jacksonville cracks the top 10.

10. St. Louis (84-78) Previous Rank (NR, NR)

Tough break for the Browns, 5th best record in the AL.......Outside looking in for the playoffs. Hopefully, a Power Rank shout out is some consolation

Honourable Mention

Atlanta, Washington, Durham & Vancouver

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