Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Power Ranks (1-5)

5. Louisville- The Sluggers lost a few key players to FA (Bolick, P. Earley & J. LaRocca) however knowing the organization well an internal replacement for LaRocca was readily available & a good player was ready to step in for P. Earley. The 1b spot was a bit of a black hole that was address by signing R. Boyd in FA. This team is probably 3% worse than last year, but is very happy to see DJ move to the NL after ending our season early the last two years.

4. Los Angelos- The top team in the NL clocks in at #4 on the list, I keep waiting for an NL team to win the WS and stuff it in my face but I've been waiting six seasons. This year LA is the team best suited to do that. They signed 5 FA in the off-season most just plugged holes and improved the bench. The biggest signing was J. Diaz, a SP that screamed sub-4 ERA for his career however boosts a 4.4 ERA, he's like a sieren calling the Baja Racers to the rocks.

3. Washington- Was busy filling in organizational holes during FA signing: D. Aguilar SP, C. Livingstone CF, J. Lorenzo-SS, C. Serra-P, & M. Jacquez- RP. However, they were plugged well as most of the signings were above average for their position. Last year I motivated Wash by putting them too low one time. Hopefully putting them at 3, I will avoid that this season.

2. Kansas City- Was the busiest team in theFA off-season last year and was one of the quietest this season. Instead he made his noise in the trade market adding former Cy Young and future HOF Bob Creek, former MVP Hugh Schmidt, B. Fracno (3.88 ERA), G. Gordon the one inning wiz (2.73 ERA) These improvements and D. Reyes leaving SF makes the AL West race very interesting.

1. San Fransico- His only FA addition was D. Giuel who is nothing to write home about (.769 OPS @ 1b). Via the trade route the only players added that will play a role this year is Long Reliever Ray Wise & J. Perez in RF. There were several SF defections perhaps none more notable than D. Reyes who jumped ship for a max deal in Huntington. With the above said you would have expected to see SF lower in the rankings, that is if you didn't understand that SF boasts one of the deepest farm systems in the world and just swept the playoffs last season. I have not doubt SF will be able to re-load from within and do a damn good job defending their title.

All of the above said SF has one of the deepest farms in the world and swept the playoffs last season. Despite losing their ace this team is talented enought to stay in the #1 spot.

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