Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet Stazrunner 2.0

Stazrunner is entering his 2nd season in Hunter and just missed the playoffs in S1.

1. Why did you join Hunter?

I was looking to add another team to the group i was managing

2. What is your favorite aspect of Hunter? (COMMISH EDIT: So that everyone knows I will be co-oping some of these answers to use for future recuirting. if that is problematic for anyone please advise)

I like how involved the owners are. also enjoy how there is not much bickering like there seems to be in every other league also a big fan of the blogs.

Follow-up question to last year's MTO? Where does Staz call home?

Complicated answer. I currently live in maasechusetts. That is only because the military moved me here. I got a stateside deployment to mass but i come from portland maine area.

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