Friday, February 10, 2012

Meet Knine

When Knine reached out to me it was a blast from the past, as we had played against each other several years back in Hoops Dynasty. Knine brings a hugely successful record with him to Hunter, 4583-3031 (.602) & 4 World Series championships

Name/Family Status: Hayes, married, 1 son
Location: Cincinnati
Age: 52
Job: Purchasing Manager, it is enjoyable to spend other people's money all day.
Favorite HBD Moment: Winning 1st WS title in Harold Reynolds world.
Favorite HBD Player: Carlos Belliard (Cochrane World), SP, 86-34, and the bullpen's probably blown 20 more for him. Just plain awesome.
Favorite Sports teams: Green Bay Packers, even when they were terrible, which was a lot of years. Texas Rangers, even when they were terrible, which was a lot of years. Ottawa Senators, will always blame Jacques Martin for the Sens not winning a cup. (COMMISH EDIT: Very very strange combo of teams living in Cincy?? Specifically the Sens. As a Canuck I very much approve of the hockey love though).

Season Outlook:
I honestly don't know how my team will do this season since I'm they new guy here and don't know the other teams in my division and league at all. I,m not sure how my team won 65 last season, but have 22 guys that weren't here last season, and do feel the bats and bullpen are better now. Starting pitching, that's a different story, which could make for a long season. I'm hopeful for 75 wins.

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