Monday, February 13, 2012

Meet Dcinto

Season 22 marks Dcinto's 2nd year in the league. Moving from the NL to the AL, he's quickly put his stamp on the original NB Yorkies pushing the team into full rebuilding mode.

Name/Family Status: Dave - Married - Two kids - 12/8
Age: 46
Job: Canada Country HR Mgr for Cisco Systems
Favorite HBD Moment: after losing in the playoffs with cant miss teams - won a WS with a really under par team -not quite sweet enough to make up for the losses but felt good.

Favorite Sports teams: Leafs (unfortunately) COMMISH EDIT: Yes, this is very unfortunate, however it looks like us Canadians are pushing closer to 50% of the league, Steelers, Blue Jays - from Toronto, aligning with Toronto teams a genetic defect......

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