Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meet Pfontaine 2.0

Why Did you join Hunter?

1. I joined Hunter at the launch of HBD. I was trying to get in a private league and learn the game at the start. I ended up lucking out and joining a terrific world. (COMMISH EDIT: Pfontaine is a charter member of Hunter & the only owner of the only team to win the AL South other than my beloved Sluggers)

What is your favorite aspect of Hunter?
2. Hunter is my biggest challange. With so many good owners, and a very strong division rival in jahu, Hunter is always a tough nut. Most of my teams have been solid and competitive, but I haven't found the magic formula here yet. I'm going to continue trying.

Follow-up Question, Why do you keep employing Slugger greats? Bob Creek, now Ted Bolick, it's like Johnny Damon going to the Yankees
I admit, I do enjoy tweaking you with signing old Sluggers. Hopefully Ted can hit a GW HR against you this season. :)

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