Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meet Csherwood 2.0

S22 marks Csherwood's 2nd season in Hunter

1. Why did you join Hunter?

1. I joined Hunter because I saw how it was being ripped in the forums after the mess at the end of the prior offseason. I wanted the challenge again of turning around an unsuccessful franchise and found this team in it that had never made the playoffs. Also, I thought I was about to miss the MWR (Min. Win Requirement) in Moneyball and be booted out of it and did not want to be down to only one team. However, I somehow made the minimum wins and ended up sticking around in Moneyball also for one more season, until I missed it this one game!

2. What is your favorite aspect of Hunter?

2. I think the best part of Hunter is the group of owners that have been assembled. This is best shown by how it probably set the record for biggest improvement ever in HBD in the length of times during one offseason to the next (COMMISH EDIT: If only Knine wasn't at an appointment when I sent the invite would have been able to push the button in under 12hrs). When it comes down to it, the strength of a world, in my opinion, should not be measured by the records of the teams but rather the quality, friendliness and competitiveness of the owners in the world.

MTO Follow-up?

We discussed the epic Moneyball run last year and you made another run this year coming down to game 162? How do you feel about the result?

3. Regarding the end of my Moneyball career, I quite honestly expected to get the boot last season but made that miracle run to stay alive. About 1/3 of the way into the season this year I was way off the pace to get the wins I needed to stick around and started selling...hoping to at least give the next owner something worthwhile to build on. Next thing I knew, I was a few days from the end of the season and in the running to qualify for another year. It came down to the last 3 games of the year, having to take 2 of 3 from a team behind me in the standings to survive...and I lost the first 2...of course winning the third to make my final win total exactly one game short. As I had given up on a shot of coming back much earlier in the year, I wasnt too upset about the loss. I inherited a team there that was full of veterans with very little farm system and once again ( as I did in my first Moneyball stint) made the mistake of spending too much on a few extra big league wins versus just crossing my fingers and hoping I could survive a few years with lower level talent while I restocked my farm.

I think it is a mental block I have when it comes to leagues with MWRs -- I get too worried about getting the wins and change my strategy for building a team. I compare Moneyball to my team in Mays where I didn't worry about minimum wins and built one of the weakest franchises there into a World Champion and one of the elite teams in the world right now.

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