Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meet Randyrossrac 2.0

1. Why did you join Hunter?
I picked Hunter to apply because I liked Catfish Hunter growing up and it was 1st up on the classifieds. I was lucky enough to be allowed in as a newbie (COMMISH EDIT: Historically Hunter has been very friendly to new owners, at one point Hunter was more than half the owner's first team)

2. What is your favorite aspect of Hunter?
My favorite aspect is the fact that almost all owners are competitive and have pride in there franchises to try and have the best possible season. Tanking has not been a problem in my eyes as it has been in other worlds. When i was new and getting my feet wet I had mentors, with Jahu leading the way and showing me the ropes. (COMMISH EDIT: It's probably my fault it took till his 4th season to make the playoffs, if he hadn't listened to me it might have been Season 2) That is why Hunter is not afraid of new people coming in.

Last Year Randy mentioned he was a Professional Race Car driver, so I asked him for a quick synopisis of Baja Racing:
Baja Racing consist of all Desert Racing through out the Southwest Deserts. The most reconizable race around the world is the Baja 1000. It Starts in the streets of Ensenada,Baja Ca, Mexico and runs south 1100 miles to La Paz. I race purpose built tube chassis cars and Trucks the have 800 HP motors and upto 3 feet of up and down wheel travel ( your street car gets about 8" of wheel travel). It is the longest continuous race in the world taking upto 30 hours to complete. It is a adventure to say the least taking Months to prep for the race

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