Sunday, February 5, 2012

HOF- S22

By my count there are 16-20 guys on the ballot that could be considered for the HOF. If we all vote independently no one will get in, as a result I ask that everyone constrain their voting to the 7 players listed below. Please decided if you feel they are HOF or not. I have outlined my ballot below (I will be voting for 4 of the 7, you may choose to vote for 5 or none)

There are MORE deserving players than the 7 below however these guys will disappear from the ballot, so we need to clear the backlog. To put the effect of a “splintered vote into perspective”, two seasons ago before everyone started voting together Garret Biggio a CF with 3063 hits, 636HR & 2084 RBI did NOT get in season. Let’s clean up this first 7 and we’ll move to the next batch next year.

To make it easier I have added a note next to 7 guys in the voting screen to show who we are limiting it to. Last year 2 of the 7 listed gained entry to the HOF (R. Peters & K. Coleman), 1 stay on the ballot for getting more than 10 votes (E. Molina) and 3 have been dropped from the ballot (L. Igelias, A.Wright & S. Owen)& D. Miller eligibility has expired

So I have added 6 guys to E.Molina for this year. Garret Biggio, Y.Molina, B. Cox, R. Brito & E. Gonzalez and P. Chavez

I have put the guys in the order I will be voting for them and who will be getting HOF votes. Last year I voted for 4, this year I will be voting for the MAX 5 listed in order below.

1. Garret Biggio- Absolute lock for the HOF, he is the Hunter Record holder in: Runs, Runs batted in and hits. He's the only man in Hunter history to crack 3000 hits (3063). There are several more key statistical categories where Biggio sits in the top 5 including HR. Most impressive though is he acheived all of the above playing a "premium" position: CF. I won't go on much longer I think everyone agrees he's in.

2. Y. Molina- With 684, he's 2nd in career HR, 3rd in RBI and top 5 in several other world records. Probably as important as the stats above he was the best player on a WS winner. Molina in his prime wasn't a side piece, he was a centerpiece type player on WS contenders. The one flaw to his resume is a starling lack of hardware. He had a 78HR & 164RBI season and somehow didn't win the MVP and actually didn't even win RF silver slugger. Looking at his numbers from his prime there are several MVP caliber seasons.

3. E. Gonzalez- I make this argument every year, if we don't want a HOF full of 1b/Lf/RF we have to start voting in some skilled positions. Mendy Clemens is the only 2b in the HOF, Biggio will be the first CF & E. Gonzalez deserves to be the first SS. In the history of Hunter E. Gonzalez probably held the title for best SS for six to nine seasons. At a premium position that is worth a trip to the hall. Add on the following numbers. 1500+ runs 445 HR 1600+ RBI .501 Slugging, those stats would be impressive for a career at 1b, at SS they are ridiculous.

4. P Chavez- It would be fitting of Pablo Chavez went into the HOF the same year as G. Biggio as he played in his shadow for most of his career. Chavez was the 2nd best CF in Hunter for 10 seasons. Unfortunately for him Biggio could be argued as the best Hunter player ever regardless of position. He just happened to play the same one as Chavez. He was a multi-time all-star and a multi-time silver slugger in CF and also picked up two World Series rings. In his prime Chavez was a legit CF, not just a LF masquerading as a CF to get an extra bat in the line-up. He ended up with 515HR, you get to 500HR with CF as your primary position you get in the hall

5. B. Cox- I know I busted Beermans's balls last year after the HOF voting when he couldn't figure out why Cox didn't make the HOF. It became clear my old college buddy hadn't read the world chat or the blog post for HOF voting procedure, I hadn't put Mr. Cox on the ballot. Well Al, your in luck this year as Cox will get his chance. 1500+ Runs, 579HR, 1685RBI. I don't really have to go much further than that for why Cox should join the Hall but I will. He picked up 1 MVP award, and likely could have 2-3 sitting on his Mantle if his prime wasn't eclisped by HOF Magglio Javier and his 5 MVPS. If I remember correctly I believe Cox was a runner up to Maggs twice. Any player who had a multiple season stretch where he was in the discussion as the "BEST" player in the league deserves entry into the HOF. If facts and good arguments don't get you to vote for him. How about a frivilous one? Braden Cox was the only player to have two Hunter owners call him their favorite (Beerman & Lets_try). So I know he'd up to atleast three votes right there (mine plus two)

6. R. Brito- While 3b isn't as difficult to find at 2b, SS or CF. Brito should get bonus points for fielding a position much more difficult than 1b,LF or RF. Brito is one of the few HOF candidates who was a gold glover (3x) as well as a silver slugger (3x). He also picked up Seven All-Star appearances for his career. He ended up 30HR short of 500. In his prime he was a plus defender and a plus bat at a semi-premimum position. I think if we didn't have the backlog we currently have Brito would end up getting in but he's got a tough row to hoe with all the deserving candidates

7.E. Molina (Great all-around hitter, lacked the power to put up the gawdy stats, think Paul Molitor except could actually field a position)

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