Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meet Hineiii 2.0

1. Why did you join Hunter?

I was recruited by the commish. Jahu and I went to battle many games vs. each other in the Stargell and then the Stargell @ Monument Park worlds. He sent a sitemail stating what he was attempting to do with the Hunter world and it made sense to come in and have some fun in a world that needed to make a turn around. Bottom line Jahu has done a great job as commish and the world is quickly becoming one of my favorites. (COMMISH EDIT: Ah shucks, I'm blushing) By the way I hold an 81-68 record vs. him. (COMMISH EDIT: Enjoy it now, remove bjb and his relatives very few owners can claim that)

2. What is your favorite aspect of Hunter?

When I first looked at the world, it was a lot of players that I haven’t played against. This was a good thing. New competition. Seeing more perspectives on how to run a team and new thought processes only makes you a better player.

Follow-up question?

How do you see two players on max deals playing out? (Earley & Santiago) Max deals depending on my overall strategy for my team can be a very necessary expense. I have run teams different ways. High payroll is one that I enjoy and can be seen on a few of my seven teams. I am not the best at developing players so I will gladly overpay for good players.
One note on that is I have only offered a max deal to a player right as free agency started once. For this guy: Look at his stats and you will understand. 292 wins in 12 seasons!!
All of my max deals have slowly moved up the salary scale as I was being out bid.
As far as the two guys that I now have max deals on in hunter…. SP are really easy to give up the cash. So Santiago was a no brainer. 95,94,88 control Vs. L Vs. R not much else needs to be said. Early was more a product of bidding war. I wanted his power in the middle of my lineup being in Philly, my line-up could get close to the Colorado Homerun numbers without the crazy ballpark effect. It felt like he was the last part of the puzzle (at least I hope) 76,78,85,95,91,84,77 are the power numbers 1-7. Adding that 95 rating could be huge, plus he is a career .285 hitter. It’s a gamble I was willing to take (with his age), in the hopes I can make it far in the post season for a couple of seasons.

Is the decision to base your team in Philly in multiple worlds a strategy decision for the ballpark or your undying love of all things Philly? (All of a sudden being a 76ers fan isn't so bad)

It’s all Philly. All but two of my teams are in Philly. Both because when I joined the Philly ballparks were already taken. Or they all would be. And yes the Sixers look ok, couldn’t beat the Heat, but I am actually watching some of the games now instead of just reading the Box scores and the recap.

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