Monday, February 6, 2012

Meet the Owner: Aaronwayne

After a 1 year hiatus Aaronwayne rejoins us taking back over his old team in the AL South.

Aaronwayne had spent 4 previous seasons in Hunter, turning around a troubled franchse that managed only 52 wins in his first season. By season 3 & 4 of his tenure he posted back to back 80+ win seasons (83, 80).

I am glad to see Aaronwayne back, not so happy about him toughening the AL South. Aaron if you just remember the divison title belongs to the Louisville Sluggers we'll get along fine.

Name: Aaron, married w/2 boys, ages 8 & 6
Home: Columbia, MO
Age: 39
Job: agriculture research (water quality)/farmer
Favorite Player:
Favorite HBD Moment winning 99 games and making to the WS in hardball's season 10 (1st playoff trip ever)
Favorite Teams: die hard Cardinals fan & a fan of all things Mizzou

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