Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meet Timf 2.0

Why did you join Hunter

I joined Hunter at the start of my HBD experience. I chose this world because I was interested in competing against jahu who happens to be a close friend of mine (COMMISH EDIT: I regretably have to confirm this accusation) and he informed me that Hunter was a truly competitive world with lots of trade action. On both accounts, I agree 100% and couldn't be happier I chose Hunter.

What is your favorite aspect of Hunter?

My favorite aspect of Hunter is the trade market. This season we had 10 trades accepted on the first day which is unheard of in most other worlds. It is easy for a team trying to rebuild to acquire prospects and it is also easy for a team looking to add a couple veterans to do so. Every season I am impressed with the trades that are made in both volume and quality.

MTO Follow-up?

How does it feel to lose 4 straight World Series (Since I'm his buddy I can get away with asking this question)

Losing 4 straight WS is bittersweet to say the least. I have lost to great teams in the WS but also beaten great teams to get there. It would be nice to win one in this world as during this run of 4 straight losses I took one in Roy Hobbs. The feeling was great but it was lacking

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