Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meet Tonicawf

This is year 2 of Tonicawf's 2nd go around with Hunter. He left the world for one season & previously managed Omaha for seasons 16-18


Age-35 im married and have a three yr old daughter named penelope with special needs

Job- Contractor

Favorite hbd moment- Beating bjb last season in the playoffs. I havent won a div crown yet, though I' ve come in second a bunch of times. thats my goal this season in hunter
Know any hunter owners- nope

Fav sports teams- phillies(though my favorite player of all time is Dale Murphy-a brave. go figure), im a huge dolphins fan. i root sixers, but not a huge basketball fan anymore. who cares about hockey. (Commish Note: As a Canadian comments like will not be tolerated :) ) i love the philadelphia union.

My favorite hunter player-Sam Wheeler.

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