Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meet jceffali

Jceffali is a first year owner in Hunter & is one of my leaguemates in Moneyball

Name: Johnny

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Married with 3 boys.

Job: Bond Analyst by day. Manager of a very good 10 & under travel baseball team on evenings and weekends.

I don't know any Hunter owners.

Favorite Sports Teams: Chicago White Sox, Notre Dame (I live in NY but grew up in the Midwest.)

Favorite HBD Moment: Winning two straight World Series (my only two so far) with the Las Vegas Dealers in the Jersey League

Favorite Player: Max White, starting pitcher, Jersey League. My first high draft pick when I finally started to understand the game! Drafted out of high school at age 18, he's now a 32 year old veteran, still on my team, with 150 wins and a sub-3 ERA and 1 Cy Young. He never had the durability to go more than 175 IP a year otherwise he'd have 200 wins by now, but he's still my boy!

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