Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Meet Frazc1

Frazc1 is in his 5th season as a member of Hunter. I originally ran into Frazc1 in Stargell @ Monumnet, where he took over commissionership (3 seasons ago??). It is a good world and he is a strong commissioner if anyone is looking for another world to hang their hat in.

Name:Chris (41)

Job: Self-Employed

HBD Moment: Last year in Stargell: I had the No.2 seed and the best record I have ever had but choked in the playoffs (as usual) to fellow owner and current division rival timf.

Favorite Team: University of Kentucky (Greatest College Basketball Program Ever) 7 National Titles hoping for No. 8 this year. COMMISH EDIT: As I Tarheels fan I would like to refute that claim, I will agree that Ashley Judd is a solid celebrity fan though
Football Team sucks but at least we are in the SEC (Best College Football Conference)

Favorite Player: Rafael Espinosa-Stargell. I got him as an international free agent at age 18 only because ever one else had run out of money. Been part of my ML pitching staff for last 7 years with 100 career wins.

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