Monday, November 21, 2011

Meet Beerman324

Beerman324 has been in Hunter since Season 8. Little known fact the 324 in his name refers to his residence room number.

Name: Allan

Age: 29

Job: Logistics Officer with the Royal Canadian Air Force

Location: I am from Ottawa (capital of Canada), but I am now stationed in Cold Lake, Alberta (fighter base).

Favourite HBD moment: When I win my first championship.

Do you know any Hunter owners in real life?:

Yes. I know the Commish, Jahu43, and timf. The commish and I went to University together and have known each other since. He is the one that got me into HBD. Timf is a friend of Jahu and I met him through him. Fun fact....tim is not his name. That was the name of the origional owner of that team who the three of us also know. Commissioner Edit: The original Timf was a good friend & is a school teacher he took an abandonded team at the end of Summer vacation, he became frustrasted with reviving a dead pitching staff using "Basic Mode" for roster management and once school started he handed the team over to another friend & current owner. The current Timf stuck with the name (even though his name is Adam) so that he could gain access to the "advanced mode" for roster management a season earlier

Favorite Sports Teams:

Toronto Blue Jays, Calgary Flames, Toronto Raptors, Green Bay Packers (COMMISH EDIT: He is actually a 49ers fan but renounced them just prior to the playoffs last season and jumped on the GB bandwagon)

Favourite HBD player: in Hunter my favourite player was a former player of mine Braden Cox. He was part of my(and existing owner's) franchise until season 16. He was AL ROY in season 3. He is a 6 time All-star, 4 time silver slugger, and was AL MVP is seson 6. He is up for the HOF this year and I'm sure he will make it.
(COMMISH EDIT: This was sent prior to HOF annoucements, at which point it became clear Beerman did not read the blog or world chat)

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