Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Meet Dizzlebob

Dizzlebob is a charter member of Hunter having been on board for all 21 seasons. I would like to take this as an opportunity to thank Dizz for all his work over the years in recuirting posts. It was between myself & Dizz for who would take over as Commish and I have no doubt that Dizz would have done as good as job (probably better).

Age: 43, Married with daughter (Lila, 7)

Job: Graphic Artist, Pittsburgh, PA

Favorite HBD Moment:
Well, I’m usually disappointed with my team so this isn’t an easy question to answer. The Studdabubbas made it to game 7 of the World Series back in S2 and Lost to the Washington Generals—but I don’t feel like I built that team and just kind of went with what I had...and got lucky. But that’s the closest I’ve come to winning anything on this stupid website so it’s tops right now.

Do you know any Hunter owners in real-life:
I have been friends with ex-Hunter owner carmandjr for about 20 years but I have never met anyone else.

Favorite Sports teams:
Steelers. I don’t like hockey (COMMISH EDIT: I thought I had made it clear previously as a Canadian I will not stand for digs at hockey) and I never went to a real college so I don’t have any other allegiances. I watch the Pirates sometimes but they don’t really count as a real team. I guess I root for Pitt basketball but I rarely get to watch them. I dream to one day to adopt a local, low division college football team like Robert Morris or Duquesne and try to go to games—but I need to find time and someone to do it with, first.

Favorite HBD player (which world):
Willie Drew (Hunter). He’s a guy I drafted in season 4 and kept for 11 seasons. He easily holds the Studdabubbas homerun (413), RBIs (1,273), and OPS (.959) records. His career batting average was .312. He was named Rookie of the Year in season 6, went to 4 All-Star Games, and even won a HR Derby in Season 11.

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