Sunday, November 20, 2011

Meet Hineii

This is Hineii's first season with his current franchise but had previously made a one season cameo in S14. His former team is now Washington DC Quakers. Lets_try "stole" Hineii's old team so Hineii responding by "stealing" his city. Prior to this season the Quakers resided in Philly.

Name: Donald

Age: 33 Married with one son (10) and guardian of nephew (15)

Job: Data Analyst at investment company

Favorite HBD Moment: Obviously its winning a championship I have won 3 (Kaline season 8 Stargell @ Monument Park Season 3 and Hall Of Fame season 13), but I have been to 12 world series. I can get there but for whatever reason I seem to come up short most of the time. Law of Avg says I should be 6/12 but I am 3/12 = .250

Do you know any Hunter owners in real-life: No

Favorite Sports teams: Philadelphia teams all the way. Phillies, Eagles, Flyers and even the Sixers (don’t tell anyone about the last one ok)

Favorite HBD player (which world) Alex Silva Catcher from my Kaline Team (my first team) he was drafted 18th overall in season 1 (back in 2006) of that world (now in season 22) and was an absolute beast of a player. He just retired at age 42 and had 12 AS, 10 SS, 9 MVP, 3 HR Derby a long with multiple All Time Records in that world….and he helped bring home my first Championship. I like to think that because I was so bad at Sim League Baseball that the WIS gods were smiling on me back in HBD first days and gave me Alex Silva as a gift.

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