Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet Csherwood

Csherwood is a former Commissioner of Moneyball and is a first year owner in Hunter. I know Csher from Moneyball. I can atest that Csher has alligator blood, staring down the min. win requirement. Csher needed 3 wins in his final 3 games. He ended up sweeping his antagonist Crabman in the final series, to meet the win rule by 1 game. (I was suprised this wasn't his favorite moment) Csherwood is the 2nd owner in his franchise's history. If you can say one thing about Gocubz he was.......committed. As Csher pointed out his franchise has a perfect record when it comes to making the playoffs.

Age: 38, Married, no kids

Job: Attorney in the State of South Jersey (not to be confused with those other two states known as North Jersey and Jersey Shore) -- about to start my own solo practice focusing on bankruptcy and personal injury

My favorite HBD moment: just happened -- winning the World Series in Mays on a 2 run walk-off home run by Louie Blanco. Also, winning both Season 1 and 2 championships in Cooperstown was pretty sweet, especially when I steamrolled through the Season 2 playoffs as the #5 seed with only one postseason loss. (Commish Edit: I still think it should be the epic Money ball run)

Know anyone from Hunter in real-life: No

Favorite teams: Rutgers (my alma mater), all Philadelphia teams, and whoever is playing the Dallas Cowboys. I am also a college basketball junkie.

Favorite HBD player: I have had a lot including the infamous Harry Arrojo from FYC, but right now it is Louie Blanco (for the aforementioned home run) and Jocko Gilmore (2 time defending MVP and winner of last season's Triple Crown), both on my team in May

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Chad Sherwood said...

I think I may have written this before my epic Moneyball run...that is right there with the other two listed definitely. In fact, I joined Hunter on the assumption I was getting the boot from Moneyball and didn't want to be down to just one team, but I am here to stay.