Monday, November 7, 2011

Meet Rockydawg07

Rockydawg has been a Hunter owner since Season 4

Name: Geoff

Age: 51 and reside in Raleigh NC with my wife ,3 dogs and 5 cats. My team here is named after one of my dogs, Marley. a big ole 97 pound hound mix that we saved. Her nickname is The Moose, thus the Cleveland Moosedawgs.

Job: Retail Manager

Favorite HBD Moment:
Season 10 in this world. My team was 84-78 and just made the wild card. We had a wicked hot streak near the end of the season.Then went 1-9 over the last 10 to barely hang onto the wild card. First round playoff we swept the powerful Blasters from Colorado. Then crushed the 114 win team from NY and owned by the worlds most lovable owner Radek. Then my team of youngsters and old castoffs made it to the world series and got our butts handed to us by some team owned by a canuck. I did not even know they had the internet up there! But this team had a miricle season

Do you know any Hunter owners in real-life:
Since I have started this game I only have imaginary friends.

Favorite Sports teams:
Was born outside of Cleveland so I have been a long time suffering Tribe fan. But many great memories of the old stadium. I remember listening to the 10 cent beer night on the radio, They played the Rangers that night.

Favorite HBD player (which world
Favorite player is Tony Blair in addicted users world. A incredible pitcher who is still going strong at 39.I almost lost him to free agency, but signed him to a max contract and never let him go. I think he could pitch into his early 40's. We have also become pretty good friends outside of HBD and may go into business together when he retires from the team, My wife does not like him...I think she is jealous.

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