Monday, November 28, 2011

Meet Afatrain

Afatrain is a first year owner in Hunter.

Name: Allen Haley residing in Orlando Florida

Age: 26

Job: Program support Coordinator/ Special Olympics Director for Carlton Palms Educational Center. COMMISH EDIT: Going to be tough to root against Afatrain when he takes a run at divison title.

Favorite HBD Moment: My 1 Division crown, was ages ago I don't even remember which world. Recently decided to come back to HBD. COMMISH EDIT: Going to need to upgrade that favorite moment in Hunter, since the last one left a lasting impression on you :)

Do you know any Hunter owners in real-life: Nope

Favorite Sports teams: Miami Dolphins, University of Michigan COMMISH EDIT: Must be a sorry behind this combo

Favorite HBD player (which world): Art Ackley, 2nd baseman for the mariachis.

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