Thursday, November 24, 2011

Meet Leppykahn

Leppykahn is another charter member of Hunter & the world creater which in some senses would make him the "God of Hunter". Leppy's love for 0 Contact 100 power players eventually drove his "good friend" Radek crazy. Needless to say having Bearclan1 is a much stronger additional.

Name: RJ

Age: 33

Job: Computer Programmer/Database Administrator

Favorite HBD Moment: Probably the time every starting position player made the all-star game.
2nd favorite was a toss up between the NLCS game 7 against Radek where the simulator didn't start the right guy and I had to do it myself (won by 1 run, if I remember correctly)... and the perennial race for 500 HR early in this world. (COMMISH EDIT: The race to 500 HR between Magglio Javier & Lonny Iglesieas was epic, Lonny ended up beating Magglio to the mark by 1 game. Rich Peters became the 3rd man to join the club later the same season)

Do you know any Hunter owners in real-life: No, I've recruited some people I knew, but they left. Although Diz is in my Dynasty Fantasy Football league.

Favorite Sports teams: Oakland Raiders, As. Also like the Lions, Saints, Diamondbacks, Suns.
Favorite HBD player (which world) Duh, Frank Zhang (Hunter) COMMISH EDIT: He was a pretty good player but a little too injury prone to be a Superstar...........Leppy that was a joke, I can feel your blood raising through the internet.)

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