Thursday, February 14, 2008

Season 7 - Top IFA signings

As season 7 slowly comes to an end we'll run a list of the top 8 IFA who became millionaires over night. Some guys are worth more than other but that's to be decided by the franchise signing the checks.

RF Julio Perez - New Britain Yorkies signed this 18 y.o. from Maneadoro, MX to 3 year MLB contract with a huge 19.5M bonus. Perez definitely has the talent to be a special hitter in the future but 19.5M for 18 y.o. prospect is a lot of money.

1B David Trinidad - Santa Fe Flyers found this 20 y.o. power hitter in Preston, CU and signed him to a 3 year MLB deal with a 16.8M bonus. David is already playing ML ball at 20 y.o. and with a season or two of good development he may become one of the best power hitters in the game.

SP Jose Alvarez - from Tela, HN, this 18 y.o. starter was signed by the Rochester Scorpions to a MILB contract that also carried a heavy 16M bonus. Jose doesn't have the star quality "Ace" but he's definitely a future ML pitcher.

SP Armando Sosa - Witchita Bad Boys signed this 18 y.o. lefty from Sinaloa, MX to a MILB contract with a 12.9M bonus. Sosa has talent but he doesn't appear to have the killer stuff that's expected out of top ML pitchers, he also injured his throwing shoulder at Low A after 30 appearances out of bullpen. Development will be key for Sosa if he wants to be effective at the ML level.

RF Freddy Martin - 18 y.o. closer type reliever out of Hyogo, JP. This kid was signed by San Juan TCB to MILB/wSTI and 12.3M bonus. Freddy has a tremendous upside with killer stuff that can only help him. Again, at 18 y.o. he's still some time away from ML but with that potential it's not a question of if but when.

SP Hector Leon - this 22 y.o. out of Don Gregorio, DO is probably the most qualified for ML out of the bunch but Hector is more of a workhorse than anything els. Atlanta Chees Grits signed Leon to a MILB with a 10M bonus.

1B Jose Santana - another 18 y.o. signed by the Santa Fe Flyers to 3 year MLB contract but this one comes with a 9.5M bonus, looks like Santa Fe went on a buying spree. Jose comes from Laguna Verde, DO and brings tremendous hitting skills with him. If this kid develops up to his potential he's going to be a scary hitter to face for any pitcher.

SP Don Kojima - signed by the Kansas City Knights to MILB contract with 9M bonus is a perfect example of how underrated prospects look like. Out of Okinawa, JP this 18 y.o. may have some scouts project him lower because of his health and durability, but Kojimas killer stuff is worth more than 9M, very Good signing by Kansas City that should be worth every penny.

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