Sunday, February 24, 2008

Season 7 Playoffs - DCS

American League DCS

The first series in AL we'll have the #1 San Francisco Night Demons vs. #4 New Britain Yorkies. New Britain defeated #5 Burlington Black Sox in the division play-in series (3-0) and advanced to the DCS for the first time in franchise history. The Night Demons are not only the favorite to win this series but also the favorite to win the WS.

The other AL series features the #2 Washington D.C. Generals vs. #3 Louisville Sluggers. Louisville rolled over Scottsdale (3-0) in the division play-in series and advanced to the DCS with high hopes. The Generals have been here and done this, it seems like they’re here every season, and I mean every season. Washington is the favorite here but the Sluggers may have something to say about that.

National League DCS

The first series will feature the #1 Charlotte FatNasty vs. #5 San Juan TCB. San Juan lost the first 2 games of their division play-in series vs. #4 Colorado Blasters only to come back and win the next 3 and advance to the DCS. Charlotte is the favorite in this series but TCB won 103 regular season games and are definitely capable of the upset.

In the lower bracket of the NL we have the #2 New York Metropolitans vs. #3 St. Louis Clydesdales. St. Louis beat their division rival #5 Buffalo Nickles in the division play-in series (3-1) and advanced to the DCS. New York has the #2 seed for first time in franchise history but are known for early playoff exits. There is no favorite in this series, 110 wins vs. 109 wins.

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