Monday, February 25, 2008

S7 - LCS



#1 San Francisco Night Demons (114-48) vs. #2 Washington D.C. Generals (102-60)

First let me mention that this is the 3rd straight year that these two teams have meet in the ALCS, both previous times in S5 and S6 the Night Demons went on to the play in the WS. In regular season 7 San Francisco won 7 of 10 games vs. Washington also winning 2 of 3 series they played, 4 of the 10 games were 1 run decisions.

SF -. The Night Demons defeated the #4 New Britain Yorkies (3-2) in a very tough DCS that went back and forth for 5 games. We all know about P.Bournigal, P. Daly, S. Kennedy and the rest of this grate pitching staff and we all somewhat knew they would be here at the end. This team is superb top to bottom, they not only deserve to be here but they will also be the favorite.

D.C. – It seems like it’s all about SF in the AL lately while D.C. is quietly sitting in their 6th ALCS in 7 seasons looking to strike again and capture their 4th WS title……Yes, I said this is the 6th ALCS appearance by the Generals in 7 seasons, the only season they did not advance to LCS was in S4 when they were the #1 seed eliminated in DCS.
Winning 3 WS titles so far and looking for another this is hand down the best franchise in the short History of Hunter, calling them Kings of Hunter is legit until someone has the balls to take their crown. This season in the DCS the Generals rolled over the #3 Louisville Sluggers (3-0) outscoring them 26-4 looking like they’re hungry for more, I would be very careful if I had to play against them. They may be the underdog in this series but they are more than capable of winning far more than just this series…… talk about respect, 6th ALCS appearance with 3 WS titles in 7 seasons, enough said.


#1 Charlotte FatNasty (115-47) vs. #2 New York Metropolitans (110-52)

Slightly different story in the NLCS, both team are here for the first time not knowing what to expect. The regular season series between these two teams included three 1-run games and 4 shutouts (2 by each team), New York won 6 of 10 games they played.

CH – Charlotte defeated the #5 San Juan TCB (3-1) in the DCS for the right to advance, giving up 11 runs in the one lost and allowing only 4 total runs in the 3 wins. Their ace Derek O’Keefe started 2 games for 14 innings giving up only 2 ER for a 1.29 ERA. TCB had the best regular season offense that was shut down in 3/4 games. It’s no secrets that this is the best team in Hunter right now and NY is just another team on their path.

NY – New York got here be beating the #3 St. Louis Clydesdales (3-0) in the DCS, although it was a totally different series than the score would indicate. In game 2 STL had a 6-1 lead in the top of the 9th before the Metropolitans offense scored 8 runs in the bottom of the 9th and won the game 9-6. In game 3 the Clydesdales had a 4-0 lead after 6 innings before giving up 4 runs in the 7th and 2 more in the 9th. Coming from behind to win close games is nothing new for this team, the've been doing it all season long but falling behind Charlotte and coming back is a diffrent story.

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