Sunday, February 10, 2008

Power Rankings update

#1 Charlotte FatNasty - Charlotte is 105-36 after 141 games played, they are also 6 games better than any other team in the world, and need I say more? They’ve scored 884 runs and allowed only 553 and lead the majors in runs differential with 331. Charlotte has its pitching staff ranked 3rd best in Hunter (2nd best in NL); they’ve posted a 3.60 ERA, 1.25 team WHIP, 247 OAV through 141 games. With the 2nd best offense in the world that scores runs at will with .303 team BA, .369 team OBP, .520 team SLG and .890 team OPS, this team can put up 15 runs on any pitching staff and shut down opposing hitters at the same time, that’s why this team is #1 overall. The only flaw is their 14th ranked defense that posted a .988 fielding % and 64 errors so far this season but with a 331 run differential their defense doesn’t have to be great. Charlotte currently holds the #1 spot in the NL and is definitely the favorite to represent the NL in the World Series. This team is build so well from top to bottom that placing them over San Francisco for the top spot isn’t a question anymore.

#2 San Francisco Night Demons - Season 6 Champs held the #1 power ranking spot for 138 game in season 7 but will probably finish at the #2 position. No secrets here, the Night Demons by far have the best pitching staff in the world that leads the majors in almost every pitching category including 3.20 team ERA, 1.14 team WHIP, .232 team OAV and 55 total saves. Yes, I said 1.14 team WHIP! Pitchers like P.Bournigal, P.Daly and S.Kennedy are capable of shutting down the best hitters in the game not only for innings but games and entire series at a time. I’ve seen this staff give up 0 runs in a 3 game series to one of the top ten team, and it wasn’t because of luck. Their 8th ranked offense and 11th ranked defense aren’t at the top but aren’t at the bottom either, come to think of it with a 1.14 team WHIP after 141 games I could be the 8th hitter and it wouldn’t matter much. San Francisco is currently holding the #1 seed in the AL with a 99-42 record and should be the favorites to win S7 World Series. It’s really simple, if you can’t score a single run how are you going to beat this team?

#3 St. Louis Clydsdales - St. Louis has been quietly sitting in the #3 power rankings position all season long and currently hold the #3 position in the NL with 96-45 record looking for the 2nd seed and a 1st round bye in the playoffs. Their 5th best pitching staff featuring M.Meng, C.Lawton, J.Jacquez and G.Dale is backed by the 11th ranked defense that made 62 errors so far this season and posted a .988 fielding %, if the defense can play slightly better this pitching staff is capable of shutting down the best hitters in the game. Clydsdales offense that’s currently ranked #6 in the world with .293 BA, 270 doubles (world best), 43 triples (2nd best) and .361 team OBP (4th best) has produced 882 runs (3rd best). For this team anything less then a World Series Championship is unacceptable.

#4 New York Metropolitans - Currently the hottest team in the world that has an unreal 43-7 record since the All Star break, with the help of their 14 game win streak they have surged into the #2 spot in the tough NL with a 97-44 overall record. With the #2 pitching staff (NL best), #4 offence and #2 defense in the world the Metropolitans may be the most complete team in Hunter today. The strength of this team is definitely their pitching staff that’s tops in the NL with a 3.57 team ERA, 1.22 team WHIP and .237 team OAV. The #2 defense in the world has a .991 fielding % and only made 47 errors through 141 games, if pitching and defense wins championships this team is definitely on the right track. Offensively the Metropolitans are a solid club that mostly depends on singles and speed to produce runs. With a 27-15 record in 1-run games and 11-3 in extra innings games this team is capable of winning close games against the best of them.

#5 Colorado Blasters – Would anyone like to see me hit a HR? How about 365 of them in only 141 games, yes this line up hits 2.58 HR per game. This is currently the 3rd ranked (#1 in my book) offence in Hunter, their 365 total HR, 932 total RBIs, .559 team SLG and .922 team OPS all lead the majors. They have 7 hitters with a .300+ BA, 6 hitters with 30+ HR and 4 with 40+ HR. GL facing this line up in a playoff series, if your pitcher slips for 1 inning it will probably mean 10 runs against you. Their pitching staff is currently ranked #9 in the world with a 4.56 team ERA and 1.40 team WHIP, considering Coors Field this pitching staff is actually much better than their stats indicate. The one flaw of this team is their 29th ranked defense that results in 85 errors and a .984 fielding % but this is a young team that will only get better. The Blasters are currently holding the #5 spot in Hunter with the 4th best record in the NL.

#6 San Juan TCB - San Juan has been a stellar team all season long posting an 89-52 record so far in a very tough NL. This team is the only team that may overtake Colorado as the best hitting line up in the world. TCB offence has put up amazing stats in season 7, that includes .305 team BA and .378 OBP both world best. This line up has many secrets but the main one is Angel Bolivar who also leads in the NL MVP voting, Angel is a hitting machine with .412BA and a .472 OBP both best in the world. With the 8th world ranked pitching staff and the 7th world ranked defense this team is scary to face in the playoff series. If their offense carries them like it has all season, their defense and pitching staff may be just enough for some HUGE upsets. This team is capable of putting up double digit run total against the best pitchers in the world and on a good day 15 runs in one game is nothing new.

#7 Washington D.C. Generals – This team could easily be in the #4 spot but the 3 NL teams in front of them have put up same or better records in a much tougher NL. The Generals mostly depend on there pitching staff to bring in their wins, which currently is ranked 4th in the world (2nd in AL) posting a 3.92 team ERA and 1.31 team WHIP. That’s about as good as it gets because their defense is currently ranked 21st in the world with 71 errors and a .987 teams fielding % and their offence is ranked 16th in the world with a less than stellar .278 team BA and .347 team OBP. With the departure of their superstar 3B Dan Miller to free agency it’s time to find a replacement sooner than later. Their 21-26 record in 1-run games tells me that in a tight playoff series facing top pitching staffs this team may be in deep trouble. The Generals would have a lot more problems playing in any of the NL divisions but in the AL playoffs they have a very good shot of going deep.

#8 Burlington Black Sox - It seems like this team starts out great but fade away in the 2nd half of every season. In season 7 the Black Sox started out 63-27 in the first 90 games but since the All Star brake have a less than impressive 19-30 record that includes a (1-10) streak and a (1-8) streak, both streaks occurred in a 25 games spend. This team has suffered the biggest drop in the ranking so far and if the bleeding doesn’t stop soon Burlington may be facing a deeper drop. The Black Sox defiantly have the talent to make a strong run in the AL playoffs but than again every team has a strong chance in the AL playoffs. Their 6th world ranked pitching staff has put up a 4.34 team ERA and 1.37 WHIP which isn’t bad until you find out that their home park is Mustain Stadium and the fact that this pitching staff doesn’t have to face the offense of Colorado, Charlotte or San Juan on daily basis makes their ERA look weaker than it really is. Their 23rd world ranked defense and 14th ranked offence make them even more questionable in the playoffs.

#9 Louisville Sluggers - This team has been under performing all season long, this team has much more talent than their current record of 81-60 suggests. Currently they have the 20th ranked offence, 16th ranked defense and the 7th ranked pitching staff and are leading the AL South by 8 games. That said if this team wakes up and starts playing up to their ability they are capable of beating any AL team in a playoff series. With pitchers like D.Caufield, B.Creek and L.Drabek and hitters like M.Javier, B.Gray and T.Cellas this team is definitely capable of a lot more, they just have to put it all together and start playing as a team.

#10 Scottsdale Aces - If these ranking were done after 40 games into the season Scottsdale Aces would probably be in the top 5 maybe even higher as they had the best record in AL for a while. Their collapse in the 2nd half has placed them #10 in the world and currently holding on to the last AL wild card spot only 6 games above the #7 team. Opening the season with a 31-14 record after 45 games and a pretty good 1st half record of 56-35 this was one of the better teams in the AL, but since the All Star brake the Aces clawed their way to a 24-26 record and have been on a huge down swing. Having the 6th best offence, 13th best pitching staff and #4th best defense in the world this team is capable of playing the way they did in the beginning of the season and shocking some people come playoffs time.

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josh said...

Once again great job Radek. Your analysis of Louisville is pretty spot on too. My boys are definately underachieving, although they are 50-28 since starting the season 32-32.