Thursday, December 8, 2011

Meet Lets_Try

Lets_try is a charter member of Hunter..........who then abandoned us for S8-14 before returning as a prodical son in S15. Since his return he picked up his first WS title in Hunter

Name: John, better known as Johnny boy
Age: 43, married with 2 kids
Job: Professional escort, yes, yes, and I have the luxury to choose only beautiful woman ! COMMISH EDIT: We have a leader in the clubhouse for the best job

Location : Montreal, Canada

Favorite HBD Moment: I guest it would be my only WS here in Hunter. After 2 years with the best record in Hunter, with at the time the Minnesota Explorers, and 2 disappointments, the WS was all the contrary. We made the playoffs on the last day (tied with Atlanta (sorry pfontaine) for the last wild card spot) and it was like destiny at work. Somehow, we just knew it was our year. COMMISH EDIT: I am not a fan of this title, as John knocked out what I considered to be the best Louisville team ever

Do you know any Hunter owners in real-life: Nope.

Favorite Sports teams: Montreal Canadiens, Boston Red Sox. COMMISH EDIT: Glad to see you like a Boston team just picked the wrong sport, I hear their hockey team is pretty good

Favorite HBD player (which world) : It would be Braden Cox, he was my 1st love with Minnesota. But the current big 3 : Webster, Gonzales and Tomko, with pitcher Paronto, are close behind. Also, I just let go Virgil Kraemer, but he was a big part of my sole WS. I have others in my other worlds, guest I'm addicted. COMMISH EDIT: Figures that Lets is from Montreal as he and Beerman324 are having a menage-et-trois with Mr. Cox, as Cox was listed as Beerman's favorite as well

Oh,oh, I think I had a Homer Simpson moment, I wish I was a professional escort, but I'm a professional accountant. Almost has satisfying !

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