Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Meet Bjb2378

Bjb is a Charter owner in Hunter & has 3 WS titles in the World. Bjb also has the 2nd most playoff appearances making the playoffs 19 of 20 seasons. (COMMISH EDIT: He may have one more title than me but I do have one more playoff appearance, hurray for hollow victories)

Name: Ben

Age: 34

Job: Attorney

Favorite HBD Moment: First WS title (happened to be in Hunter)

Do you know any Hunter owners in real-life: djbradford is my Dad. (COMMISH EDIT: This one blew my mind, I haven't been this surpised about about a father-son combination since Darth told Luke he was his father :). The two owners I'm consistently battling with for the top of the AL are related? I can only imagine Christmas dinners where they play rock paper scissors to see who gets to dispose of me each season. Given Djbradford recent run (back to back titles) Bjb is going to have to swith up his pattern)

Favorite Sports teams: All teams Chicago but the Cubs.

Favorite HBD player (which world): Felipe Bournigal (Hunter) - The original face of the Night Demons. (COMMISH EDIT: For those of you who weren't in the league prior to S10, I officially petitioned WIS to have the Hunter Cy Young renamed the Bourigal. Felipe was an 8-Time All-Star and won 6 Cy Youngs. He accomplished all this despite being 29 when the world was created.

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