Saturday, April 5, 2008

New York Metropolitans top 10 prospects

1. Piper Torres SP - Piper is hands down the top rated prospect in the organization, ownership placed Torres on the "No Trade" list back in season 5 when he was only 19 y.o. Piper has ACE type stuff written all over him and is expected to crack the Mets starting rotation mid S9 or start of s10.

2. Gary Andrews RP - "One man bullpen" is the #2 prospect in the organization, at only 20 y.o. Gary is also on the "No Trade" list. He was a 1st round pick in S6 and is already pitching at AAA, in 4 games at AA this season he posted 0.13 WHIP. Andrews should develop into a superb ML closer with the ability to pitch 150+ innings per season.

3. Carlton York RP - This prospect is projected to have the entire package, there seems to be no weak spots that hitter could exploit. Carlton is 21 y.o. and has at least another full season of development but he is one of the main pieces in future plans.

4. Tony Martin RP - Tony was signed as a IFA back in S4 when he was only 18 y.o., since than he has developed into one the best relievers in AAA. Martin is almost where the coaches want him and he may even crack the ML pitching staff this season.

5. Emil Manzanillo 1B - Emil is the top hitting prospect on the list and has the talent to become a force at the ML level. He was signed as IFA in S6 with a 10M Bonus but if everything goes right he'll be worth every penny. Emil swings with a lot of power and is capable of hitting both R and L pitchers very well, he also has very good eye. At only 20 y.o. he has at least another full seasons in the minors before seeing any ML time.

6. Louie Cruz SS - Cruz was acquired this season and has already became a major piece for the future plans at SS. Louie displays a magical glove with good range and arm, he also has lightning speed, good eye and swing a better than average bat. Currently 21 y.o. playing at AAA he's at least a full season away from seeing any ML action.

7. Cesar Acevedo SS - Second SS on the list who will fight Cruz for the future ML SS position. Cesar was the 1st round pick last season but couldn't make up his mind to sign until there were only 2 weeks left in S7. With those defensive abilities and a very heavy bat it should be no surprise Acevedo is on list at 19 y.o., he should develop into a very good ML SS.

8. Rondell Brock SP - Brock was acquired via trade last season and quickly made a name for himself. He's 22 y.o. currently pitching at AAA but would be the next starter called up if that need arises. Rondell is scouted to be a good #3 or #4 type starter but if injury gods are good we won't see him at the ML level for another year.

9. Gregg Mecir RF - Gregg is the oldest on the list at 28 y.o., maybe he isn't even a prospect anymore but with no room at the ML level Mecir has to wait another year at AAA. He's currently hitting .340 in AAA and is more than ready to step up and play at the ML level.

10. Phil O'Leary C - Phil is a 25 y.o. catcher mostly know for his heavy bat, currently hitting .408 at AAA he's more than ready for ML. He has good defencive skills and has the talent to contribute to the ML team in the near future.

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