Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Arizona Rattlers Top 5 Prospects

Sorry this took so long matrat, but here you go.
Sorry my wifes computer is messing up, so the links are not working, I will update that later.

1.  Wesley Shields - SP    Wesley could turn into a solid starting pitcher with great control, solid splits and a great ability to keep the ball in the park.   He looks to be about 3 years from becoming major league ready.

2.  Yorvit Alomar - RP    Yorvit is a closer in waiting.   He should be able to get the two inning save and still pitch the next night.   His great splits along with two solid pitches should allow him to be a top 10 closer.   He is in the majors to stay.

3.   Vin Maduro - SP   Vin could be a very good pitcher if his control could improve.   He has solid splits, along with two very solid pitches.   He should hit the majors in about two seasons.

4.   Walt Tucker - SP   Walt could be a good #3/4 pitcher but his splits are not great and his pitches are just average.   He could develop good control which could make him a decent pitcher.   If his control improves quickly, he could be in the majors in 3 years.

5.  Ray Becker - RP    Ray will never become great, but could become serviceable.   He has decent splits but no good pitches.   He could be ML ready by next season.

The Rattlers are pretty weak in position players, but do have some decent pitching depth.   They are going to need a lot of work to get the cupboard filled again.

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