Sunday, June 2, 2013

Season 26 WAR Leaders

National League:

1. Branch Gardner RF, New Orleans - 6.9 WAR. Gardner is a solid RF who carries a lethal bat.  He punished pitchers to the tune of .343/.437/.591. His split time with two teams almost fooled me into thinking he was further down on this list.  Glad I noticed.

2. Kennie Henderson 3B, Philadelphia - 5.9 WAR. Kennie is a dominant third sacker, a full 35%+ better than the next best 3B. He adds more than a full win on defense. He adds a .272/.335/.530 slash line with 26 SB to boot.

3.  Victor Guzman 3B, Baltimore - 5.8 WAR. What is it with 3B in S26?  It's quite the bumper crop.  Victor is basically neutral on defense, he doesn't hurt but he isn't better than average either.  What he does bring is a .285/.341/.618 slash line.  Lots and lots of power.

4. Asdrubal Tarasco 1B, Philadelphia, - 5.6 WAR.  Tarasco is an above average defender at 1B who also happens to hit a little, as his .308/.369/.585 line demonstrates.

5. Luis Rijo C, Philadelphia - 5.4 WAR.  Rijo is a solid backstop who provides value behind the plate as well as at the plate.  He hit .299/.399/.529 in S26.

6. Ken Shoppach CF, San Jose - 5.3 WAR. Shoppach creates value on defense (16 + plays), with his legs (75 SB) and with a decent stick (.283/.362/.417).  He's a true all-around player.

7. Steve Murphy C, San Jose - 5.3 WAR. It's interesting how Murphy can create so much value in only 96 games.  That just goes to show how good catching is hard to find.  He delivered solid results behind the plate in terms of throwing at runners and CERA.  He hit .281/.356/.574.  Great power for a good defensive C.

8.Ren Pong 2B, Salt Lake City - 5.0 WAR. Pong doesn't really add much on defense as he is slightly below average. His bat makes up for it, with a .328/.405/.491 line.

9.  Eddie Patterson 1B, New Orleans - 4.9 WAR. Yes more smooth Jazz, as another of New Orleans S26 group makes the list. Eddie rocked to the tune of .314/.375/.612 and threw in above average defense to boot.

10.  Orlando Cruz LF, New Orleans - 4.9 WAR. Let's make it a Jazz trio with Cruz rounding out the list. Cruz hit .299/.382/.493 with 26 SB and good D in LF.

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